So You Want to Be a Sugar Daddy / Sugar Baby

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The internet has freed us all. We can now pursue our romantic interests more freely than ever before. I remember a time when dating someone who was significantly older or younger than you would cause scandal in your entire town. But these days, we are free to pursue our romantic interests with comparative ease.

If you want to date a sugar daddy or a sugar baby, them the best course of action would be to join a dating site specifically designed and marketed for such a purpose.

  1. If you are familiar with online dating, then it will not be much different. You should already be used to creating intriguing profiles and more. But if this is your first time with internet dating, then you should know that your profile is everything. Think about is like writing your resume. Make sure you have a nice compelling headline to your profile, so a person searching through 10 profiles per page will have cause to click on your name and therefore potentially date you.
  2. Try to be as open minded as possible with your profile without being vulgar. The goal is to titillate (I love that word) without being vulgar and obscene. You need to be able to portray yourself as a fun and playful person. Someone browsing a sugar daddy is not looking for a person who takes themselves too seriously. But please also tell the truth. Don’t lie about your age, looks or status. You will be found out pretty quick and it will be very embarrassing.
  3. Be Reasonable – Guys if you are not super rich or powerful, then you will not get a Victoria Secret model. You may get an average looking young thing that will need help with paying her rent and ladies if you are not a Victoria Secret model, don’t expect to find some Billionaire. You will more than likely find a well to do man in middle management with some extra cash and time on his hands. Take what you get and be happy!

Sugar Daddy / Sugar Baby Site

Don’t Waste Time – Join these sites if you are serious about meeting someone. It’s ok to test out the waters but it is not ok to string people along. So if you truly are looking for a unique dating experience with a gentleman or a lady of a different generation, then by all means go for it.

One good site you can explore is

This site is specifically for those who are looking to get into an inter-generational relationship. That is what I like to call it!

A quick work on “what other people might think”

This is the single biggest reason people are romantically unfulfilled in our world today. This notion of “what other people might think.” If you really love a girl who happens to be overweight and you think that you are made for each other, you might not ask her out for fear of what other people might think.

If you live in a conservative community, and you fall in love with a person outside your race or religion, you would rather stay single and lonely your entire life than face the question of what other people might think.

If you want to be happy in life, you must first give up caring about what other might think about your life choices. No one else fills your shoes but you and yours is the only opinion that has a direct connection to the quality of your life. So go ahead and explore life and meet new fuck buddy. Take risks and enjoy dating whomever you want!

As long as both people are adults and the terms of the relationship have been clearly spelled out, then inter generational dating maybe one of the most fulfilling relationship experiences for you.