Get a Girl’s Attention With These 3 Easy Tips

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Are you one of those many men who have trouble getting a woman’s attention? Do you have problems with all women or only the women you want? Do you get attention from women you don’t really like? I, for example, seem to get automatic attention from round, short and curvy women. That’s not such a bad thing because I just happen to like that particular flavor with whipped cream on top. But if you want to get attention from any woman any time, all you have to do is undergo certain small behavioral changes.

Women are very intuitive creatures. They pick up on subtlety. So you don’t need to make drastic changes in your personality or your physical appearance to get positive results. All you have to do is understand what most women respond to and then tweak yourself to fit with that mold


Ok so a lot of you are shaking your heads right now! You have already heard that confidence is what makes girls swoon, right? And you have tried being forthcoming with women at bars, only to be rejected? And so you think that all this talk about confidence is just a load of hot air? Well, it’s not! Look! Confidence is just a general policy that you should implement at a macro level in your life.

Confidence will get you places not just with women but with you job, friends and in almost every aspect of life. Confidence is not just about forcing yourself to talk to that girl in the bar. Women are not attracted to random acts of confidence but rather the inner vibe that comes from a confident man. If you are truly confident, then it will shine through you. And that is what is really important and what women respond to tremendously.

Body Language

Women pick up subtle cues like a bloodhound on the scent! And body language is just such a subtle cue that can go a long way in attracting the right women. Look at women with smiling eyes and you will almost always get a response. Deep meaningful glances are better than creepy glares. It is important to look relaxed and completely in control. Don’t be flustered and never fold your arms. Folded arms convey inapproachable behavior.

Be Aloof

If you are approaching hot women, then understand that no line you give them is going to impress them because they have heard them all before. But if you act like you don’t like them or are not impressed by them, then they will be interested. So, talk about other hot girls in front of her. Complement her on her eyes and then ask her if she is wearing colored contacts. Make her prove her hotness to you!

Those are some tips that you can use to get with some hot women or sex partners. Remember to get a girl’s attention, you have to be unique. If you are part of the herd, then she will ignore you for the most part or use you to her own ends. Don’t try to buy her affections with favors or presents. That always backfires.