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How to Have Spontaneous Sex!

It’s true that sex often becomes repetitive, a routine, a task, dull, and utterly unexciting. Is your spouse or partner to blame? Yes, but you are also to blame. Having spontaneity in a relationship is a team effort. When one partner does all the work and the other slacks off, the relationship fails. The one doing all the work is going to grow resentful for putting in all their efforts without any compensation.

Things You Should Not Do That Make Sex Boring

#1. Don’t plan a sex night.

This is a passion killer. Naturally, it’s predictable, which makes it boring, unless you’re a couple who don’t see each other often and are eager to spend time together. However, if you live in the same area, avoid scheduling such a day in the week as it will destroy the romance and passion in your relationship.

#2. Having Sex When You’re Tired

Most of us lead busy lives, but it’s not a good idea to have sex when you’re under attack. You’re not going to be there. The sex will be common, current, exhausting, and not particularly satisfying. Wait for a night when you’re not completely exhausted and out of it. Though occasional quickies are hot, don’t make them special events.

#3. Don’t cram sex in.

As I mentioned above, quickies are a blast! But do not cram sex into your busy schedule. You’ll be rushing through sex, and your partner will surely notice. It won’t be very enjoyable, and that’s somewhat disappointing.

Sex is as wonderful as you want it to be, but both partners are going to have to do their part. Set aside time, but don’t plan it out. Create romantic atmospheres and make simple dinners that are candlelit. Turn on some of your favourite tunes and let the conversation take over. Soon, you’ll be putting it on, looking natural and beautiful.

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There are many reasons why having sex is satisfying. You not only get physical and mental satisfaction, but you get it without any serious relationship commitments. Out of the many advantages of having sexual relationships, we have listed a few that you can consider if you need any convincing.

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We have presented excerpts from our interviews with causal relationship buddies, also known as fuck buddies. These interviews were intended to help others understand the perspectives of these regular friends with benefits.

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We all experience feelings of “hunger” and consume food to satisfy them. The body harbors another hunger that demands attention. The hunger for sex! Sex is one of the most pleasurable things known to mankind. This marks the beginning and end of dating.