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Casual dating has never been easier for women. Women have not always been treated equally throughout history. We don't have to dwell on the past. It has never been easier for women in casual relationships. It's socially acceptable for women today to have multiple dates, friends with benefits, or casual hookups. Singles guys have the advantage of being able to find hot single women in your area who are willing to hook up. It's a smart idea to take advantage of this paradigm shift by trying your luck with casual hookup sites and no strings dating apps. Click here to get started.
Michael Robinson
Manhattan, New York.
It’s now socially acceptable for women to do what they want. No longer do women need to keep quiet about their desires and wants in the bedroom. In fact, most men, want a woman who is vocal and willing in the bedroom. With rappers often siting the quote “A lady in the streets, but a freak in the sheets”. Excerpts aside, it’s important to remember that being a woman in westernized (and civilized area’s) means complete sexual freedom and liberation from stigma, judgement, and social constructs. Unfortuantely there are still certain countries that treat their women quite badly by western standards. It’s our hope that at some point in the future, with education, support, and social engineering to liberate these oppressed women in the middle east and other part’s of the world. If you were born in america, the uk, canada, austrailia, new zealand, or any other country with reasonable standards, enjoy your freedom - other’s are certainly not as privileged.
Jack Butler
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More and more women are getting into the fetish scene after the book 50 shades of grey hit the streets. Women just want to be tied up, spanked, and teased. This site has had a massive increase in women sign-ups since the book comes out so get in there while it’s still hot and fresh in their minds!
Lonely Housewives
There are a lot of women that are just not getting their pudding at home, the husbands just don’t give a shit what they do in fact they encourage their wives to seek sex outside the marriage and that’s exactly the kind of wife you will find on this site. lonely, bored, and desperate housewives who just want some fun!
Married But Playing
This is one for the married wife or husband who is bored with their current set up at home, maybe they’re just ain’t getting any or that just want to play around with another man’s wife, whatever it is you can be sure to find a lot of married women and couples seeking other couples and singles to join them in the bedroom!

How to Keep Your Fuck Buddy Happy Once You Have One may be able to give you your fuck buddies, but it is up to you to keep them. This article will help you keep your new fuck friend.

When you meet up with your new fuck buddy, it is important that you remember these things. These guidelines will help you stay on top of the game and create a list of fuck friends.

1. Do not put all your eggs in one basket
This expression is probably familiar to you and is very true when you are trying to fuck local women. makes finding fuck friends easy so make sure to have a few.

Don’t fall in love with guys! Fuck friends don’t do that either. To fuck local women, you need to be more than a hit-it-and-quit-it mentality.

This is what you can do…

You can fuck your prospect once a week. Then, schedule a date with the other one the next night. Take a day off the day after that. Keep the distance between you and your fuck pal as tight as possible. Also, don’t ever go to your fuck pal more than once a week.

This sounds like a workout program. To keep your body in shape and avoid getting sexy-whipped, you need to allow yourself some time. This is how a fuckfriend will try to get you to him. You will find that they are more attracted than you to them and they will be more open to having sex with you.

2. It’s still a date
You’re still on a first date, regardless of how much you may like it. This means you must treat it as a date. It doesn’t matter how much you try to impress her, she already knows what she wants.

This date doesn’t need to cost a lot, but it is important to be able to smell good enough for the ladies to get fucked.

Fucking local women is an art. It may take some practice to master, but has the best odds of success.

3. Keep it real
It’s the best thing to do with your fuck buddy. Real fuck buddies know why you are there. You can’t get too excited about her being ready.

You can think “Superfly”, or you can act like you’ve been there before. Inexperience is the worst thing that can happen to a friend. It is best to tell your friend that you are new to online dating and you are not experienced.

Women like honesty. Women love honesty. It will show them that she can learn from you. You might be perceived as someone else by her. Keep in mind that women all over the country talk about each other. Your fuck friend might be a friend of another friend.

4. Let’s go!
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Three Tips to Maintain Adult Contacts Distinct

It can be hard work to keep your adult friends, hookups, or fuck buddies secret. But, it is well worth the effort. There are some things you can do to ensure you don’t get caught red-handed, regardless of whether you’re having an affair or keeping your adult activities secret.

Tip 1 – Turn off text message notifications from your phone.
Before I get into the tip, I want you to be able to remember to set a passcode or fingerprint to unlock your iPhone if it is a newer model. This will prevent others from accessing your phone. Even if your passcode is secure, you still need to be careful.

Numerous phones, including iPhones and Androids, will display your recent unread texts right on the home/unlock screen. This can be a problem as unscrupulous people (or partners in sex) can pick up your phone and view these messages from the home screen.

You can prevent this by going into your phone settings -> text messaging settings and turning off home screen updates. If you plan to play with multiple partners, this is crucial to your long-term success.

Sometimes your partner may understand the casual nature of your relationship. But sometimes they won’t. It’s much easier to conceal a troubling truth from your partner than to have to explain to them.

Although casual booty calls text messages can strike at any hour of the day, they are often delivered at the wrong times. You’ll be glad you did not allow unread messages to appear on your home screen.

Tip 2 – Save contacts with fake names.
Let’s suppose you have a great relationship with Ashley but are also having casual sex on the side with Courtney. Although your instinct might be to delete Courtney’s number from your phone, this would be a mistake. Unsaved phone numbers of 10 digits are a sign of distrust and speculation. In such a case, it is best to save Courtney by using a “safe” name like “Mike from Work” or “Mike from Home”. If a text message is intercepted by prying eyes, this will give you an excuse. If you feel the text messages are exceedingly intrusive, you can always make a joke about it or use it as a joke.

“Seeing a 10 digit number in text history that has not been saved is just asking for suspicion and speculation.”

Tip 3: Use your work phone.
If you are unable to risk your marriage or relationship being destroyed by mistresses, booty calls, and fuck friends, you should use two phones. Professionals already have a personal and work phone. If you don’t have one yet, get a cheap android or blackberry phone to be your “work” telephone. You won’t have to tell your spouse or partner the difference and you can keep your adult contacts private by having two phones. You’ll want to hide any unread text messages from your home screen and save any fuck buddies under a fake or inconspicuous name. You should be 100% protected from any kind of trouble if you take these precautions.

These three tips will ensure that you don’t get caught by your phone or text history. It would be so easy. But, as the old saying goes, pimpin isn’t easy. It’s hard work, folks. If it were, everyone would be doing it. Check out our other tips and tricks for managing adult contacts, sex partners without strings attached, and fuck friends.

Are you still not convinced that casual dating is right for you? This article will shed some light on the subject.

“If you were born in the uk, america, canada, autrailia, new zealand or another country with reasonable standards, enjoy freedom – others are not as priviledged.” 

The modern woman has been liberated from societal pressures.
In the past, women were expected to conform to social norms or exhibit ladylike behavior. Women can now have a wide range of relationships, without fear or labeling. Although some women feel judged by their friends or family, the vast majority of judgment is caused by internal insecurity. It’s not an attack on oneself. You may feel judged or chastised if you are being judged. It is simply an external manifestation of insecurity and fear.

Girls just want to have fun.
Let’s face the facts, girls love to have fun. It’s part of living life to its fullest that you try new things sexually. You don’t have to be afraid of living out your wildest fantasies or desires. By being open with your desires, you’ll find receptive partners that will not judge but will embrace you.