Different Types Of Kisses: Absolutely Sexy & Romantic

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Gentle Kisses

It is most often the gentle kisses that we remember the most. The soft and subtle way their lips came upon ours. The way the softest skin brushed across our necks or cheek. The gentle kiss is often employed in moments of deep meaning where both the kisser and the kissed are slowed by time as the kiss connects.

Passionate Kisses

You want them right now! They want you right now! This kiss is full of so much power it almost packs a punch, as many will tell you, it is most often the Passionate Kisses that sweep them off their feet when they least suspected it.

French Kisses

The two above types of kisses could include some sensual tongue, though they don’t always. Which is often why we call “tongue kissing” – French Kissing. Now, this other is not specifically sure if the french were the first to do the tongue tango (she doubts it), but for whatever reason, they have left a lasting mark on the name of the kisses, as much as the kisses themselves leave an everlasting mark on the kisser and the kissed.

These kisses most often appear in moments of intense intimacy, and they can be gentle, passionate or even sorrow-filled. It simply depends on the moment.

Hello Kisses

Speaking of the french and their kisses, it is often customary in France and other European countries, to greet a friend or even a stranger with a few light pecks on each cheek. It’s almost a silly thing, but it also opens you up to more of the human experience, so if you have not yet tried this kind of kiss, give it a try. Your brother, your mother and your best friend might laugh when you give them a nudge on each cheek, but what is life without laughter?

Goodbye Kisses

Some goodbye kisses are just sweet moments of puckered lips as one partner leaves for work. Other goodbye kisses are the aching, pulsating, yearning kisses of two lovers about to separate. It could be the separation of war as a solider leaves to protect the country, or it could be the goodbye of two lovers who know that although there is much power between them, the stars are just not right for a relationship between them. Regardless of the reason or the sorrow that often powers these kisses, they can be some of the most memorable and often even pleasant kisses we can experience.

Love Kisses

Kisses of Love can be passionate or gentle, they can say hello or goodbye. They can be kisses on the knee as well as the brow. Truthfully, it can often be difficult to describe why Love Kisses deserve their own module, but once you’ve kissed someone under the power of love, or been kissed by them, you’ll know exactly what I am speaking of.

If you’re not sure if you’ve ever experienced a Love Kiss, then find your mate and look them in the eyes deeply. Don’t say a word, but instead, think and feel with every fiber of your being – I LOVE YOU! Then kiss them in whatever form comes most natural to the momentum of your emotions.

Wet Kisses

My aunt used to think it was the funniest thing to come up to me when I was about 11, and give me a big slobbery kiss on the check. She often left behind more saliva then my labrador after drinking fresh water. Speaking of dogs, they too often give Wet Kisses, and they deserve a place in the list of kisses.

On the topic of wet kisses, have you ever kissed someone who was crying? Or maybe you have been the one to be kissed as tears streamed down your face. While many times a teary kiss is part of a Goodbye kiss, sometimes it’s not. We humans have so many emotions, and sorrow is not the only one to break the damn that holds back our tears. We cry when one or more emotions have built up such power in us that our bodies simply cannot help but to release the tear drops onto our cheeks. So the tears that participate in the kiss could be the happy tears of a newly wed bride, or the joyous tears of someone who finally sold their masterpiece, as well as someone who just hurt themselves physically or emotionally.

Half-Hearted Kisses

Have you ever gone up to kiss your partner, simply because you felt they would be upset if you didn’t do so?

Or maybe you’ve been the recipient of a rushed kiss from a lover who was distracted, in a hurry or interested in some other activity. The way the kiss comes across is often an extremely brief few seconds of contact between the lips or cheek. It’s a kiss that almost injures you as it leaves. Even if you’re busy as well, and the logical side of the mind understands why the kiss was so half-hearted, it still feels as though just a tad bit more enthusiasm should have been included in the kiss.

Familial Kisses

You kiss your mother, siblings and other relatives, don’t you? At least, when we are young, hugs and kisses are customary with aunts and uncles, cousins and best friends. These are the familial kisses that many of us take for granted. Sure they may not be romantic, but they are a type of kiss and one that man kind would be worse off without.