Body Language Of Women

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Body language signs shown by women can be read and interpreted to mean something but why would someone be interested in reading and understanding the female body language? Obviously for many different reasons but this article will cover one aspect of it; reading and understanding the body language of a girl you like or are interested for a relationship.

Are you interested in a girl and are probably wondering if she does the same for you or she doesn’t like you completely? Luckily there is a way to tell if a girl likes you for sure or not by merely looking and observing her body language i.e the physical signs of attraction that can give you an indication of whether she is into you or not.

Below are some of the top body language signs which show a girl likes you and how to read and interpret them.

frequently making eye contact and leaning towards you

The movement of the various body limbs and the manner in which eye contact is made can be observed, read and interpreted to mean something. In the case of a woman being interested in you, you can tell by the way she makes frequent eye contact with you and how she tries to lean towards you. If you observe these two factors (leaning towards your direction and and maintaining eye contact with you) in her, you can be convinced that she has a feeling for you.

This is completely the opposite of a situation when she doesn’t like you where she keeps distance between you and her and she is also less likely to make frequent eye contact with you. She might look at you once or twice and blink her eyes away immediately which is a clear indication that she is uneasy near you leave alone getting interested in you.

She will laugh more often than necessary

Does she laugh more often than usual most of the times when you are around her when there is nothing funny said that warrants laughter? If this is the case it could be a strong body language indication that she is interested in you and that likes and has a special feeling for you. As human beings what obviously makes us laugh for an extended period of time is humor or something extremely funny which has been said.

There is a big difference between a smiling, laughing and laughing more than necessary. In our everyday life we happen to smile and laugh but not all the times and at everything whether they are funny or not. if a woman is interested in you for a relationship or something else she will do everything to suggest that she likes you that will sway you towards her. When you see her laughing more than necessary know that she wants to get your full attention. A girl who has no interest in you will rarely laugh at what you are saying leave alone engaging in long and unnecessary laugh.

A big and never ending smile on her face

A smile shows an interest in something. As humans we smile when we see or come across a particular thing fascinates and makes us happy. The same is true for a woman who is interested in a man. Whenever you happen to meet her, you will see her putting a big and never ending smile on her face and that is obviously showing a sign of friendliness and interest in you. May be you are too handsome or there are some other attribute she likes about you that grabs her attention and makes her involved in you. The smile is obviously aimed at grabbing your attention, starting a conversation with her and finally falling for her. If you also happen to be interested in her it’s advised that you don’t ignore her smile but rather use it as a tool to approach her.

She constantly touches and plays with her hair

Have you observed that she constantly touches and plays with her hair? This is a body language sign that signals of her interest in you. It is unconscious act and is possible she really has no information why she is doing it but it literally means of her interest in you. She is probably imagining and is picturing that you were the one who is playing with her hair.

She will breathe heavily

Breathing heavily is a physical body language sign that can tell a woman is interested in you. This is certainly a nervous excitement as her heart is beating faster than the usual way and hence the heavy breathing. She can’t cope up with the level of excitement she is experiencing because of how much she wants you in her life.