Keeping Adult Contacts Discrete: Important tips.

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To continue enjoying your no strings attached sex life or casual sex, you need to take all the necessary precautions. We can suggest you some guidelines that will help you enjoy your sex life with as many partners as you wish without creating any mess.

Tip 1: Keep your phone locked with a password
Never keep your phone without a password. No one should be able to access your call details or messages as it is likely to create unwanted situations.

Tip 2: Save contacts under fake and unsuspecting names.
Incase you are unable to have your phone locked with a password, then save your fuck buddy numbers or casual sex contacts in different unsuspecting names. Example: Boss or Office accounts section, any unsuspecting name, etc. Even if prying eyes ever see a text message, you have a chance to get away easily by quoting it as some prank or a joke.

Tip 3: Not saving any numbers
You can just note down the numbers of your sex buddies and keep it secure at some place on a piece of paper. Ensure safety of that paper. Whenever you feel like contacting any sex buddy, you can text and then delete after receiving the confirmation of the meeting.

Tip 4: Getting a new mobile and mobile number
There is only one problem with getting a new mobile; keeping it hidden. Otherwise this can be a best solution if you are living alone. This phone always has to be locked with a password.

Tip 5: Turning off text message notifications.

Make sure that your phone settings do not allow the display of recent unread text messages on your home or unlock screen. This will prevent anyone from reading your secret messages.
What you want from life is your choice. Do not disclose your life to others if you want to live your way.