Guidelines for fuck buddies

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Casual sex is a magical way to express your spirit of freedom. When you do not want boundaries to enjoy a good fuck and want to liberate yourself from monotony of a single sex partner, then a fuck buddy is just right for you. Casual sex is a no strings attached game where the fun of having sex goes on with different partners at different places. If certain rules and guidelines are adhered to, then you can be a great casual sex partner that people would like to get associated with.

1. Meeting someone in person…..whom you already know on our website.
This happens generally when you are residing in a highly populated place like a metro city or a big city. While searching for dates on our website, it is possible that you may come across the profile of some person whom you know already. When this happens, respect the fact that every human has the same needs. Just like yourself, that person also wants to live happy and as per their wish. Never mention it to that person in question about the knowledge that you have recently gained about them on our website. Keep it a secret. Some things are not for revealing to anybody ever. Displaying maturity helps in keeping the club closely knit and risk free.
Respect every individual and you will stay out of trouble forever while living life your way; in the best possible manner.

2. Keep it to yourself. Do not go public.
By keeping all the information that you see here ‘private’, you ensure the sanctity of online dating. If you share any persons profile found on a dating website on a media that is publicly accessible, like social media; you are ruining your own chances of getting casual sex buddies or fuck buddies. This is because; the person that you are sharing information about is very likely to delete the profile to avoid any discomfort because of your misadventure. Moreover, your action will scare other members on the dating website and this will ruin your own chance of getting a suitable fuck buddy. It is your duty to maintain secrets and increase your chances of success.

3 This is not going to be the last meeting
All sorts of people from all the strata of society need the things that you need. They too have a need for fuck dates, casual sex relationships and intimate friendships. It is likely that the people that you see on our website may meet you or you may see them in person. They may be residing in your neighborhood, working in your office, etc. We request you to exhibit maturity by remaining respectful and discrete when you meet them. Just like you, they too need to have full enjoyment of life. It is likely that you may meet the person for a sexual encounter too.

4 Non-disclosure of information
Imagine someone going around, telling about your presence on the adult dating website or casual sex website. Will it make you happy? Obviously the answer is a ‘no’. Therefore it becomes imperative that you do not disclose any information about any person meeting you or appearing on the adult dating websites.

5 Practice safe sex
With sexually transmitted diseases on the rise, everyone should use a condom while having sex. You are here for deriving more fun out of life and to keep it the same way, you need to practice safety. Being a casual sex encounter, you cannot be sure about the medical condition of the find a fuck buddy. Let’s follow ‘Better safe, than sorry’ principle for 100% pure fun.