Tips for sure fun with no strings attached.

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With these tips, your fun in casual sex is going to multiply.

1. No attachment with anyone
Never get attached or over invested with any individual in a casual sex relationship. You will limit yourself from having unlimited fun. Stay casual in a casual sex relationship as there is nothing serious about it.

2. Don’t let anyone get attached.
Do not permit anyone to get serious in a casual sex relationship. Do not compromise on the fun of it. Keep it casual. This freedom has to be given its due respect.

3. Don’t stay in frequent touch
Avoid staying in regular touch with any of your casual sex partners. Do not call or text or meet frequently. It takes away all the fun from the nature of relationship.

4. Don’t appear to be needy or Don’t be needy:
You are with your fuck buddy for sex and nothing else. Be with your casual sex partner only when your mind is at peace. If you are agitated, depressed or pained because of anything that is going on in your life, you are likely to share that burden with your casual sex partner. Avoid this as it will kill the very concept of a fuck buddy. As time progresses, it may happen that you start discussing certain issues with the casual sex partner; as now you have started to know each other well. It is fine after you have developed some understanding between yourselves. But please avoid being needy. It destroys the casual sex relationship.

5. Be receptive to your partner’s wants.
Casual sex or fuck buddies give you all the freedom of being yourself. It offers you an opportunity to explore new and exciting things that no one could possibly experience in a married life or in a relationship with a committed partner. Please understand that this is an opportunity for unlimited experimenting with your sexual fantasies. At the same time, learn what your fuck buddy likes when you are having sex. Give pleasure to receive maximum pleasure.
Try the new things before you make an opinion about it or hate it. Live life your way! Live free and have fun!

6. Avoid spending the night:

Try not to spend the night with your no strings fuck buddy. There may be exceptions, that is understood. But please do not make it a habit to stay at your fuck buddies place. It is very important to respect your fuck buddies personal life. Not everyone likes to share their bed with a person that they are not attached to by any relationship. So in the interest of protecting the fun factor in the casual sex, avoid staying at your fuck buddies place.

7. Keep a rotation.
Maintaining 3 to 4 casual sex partners or fuck buddies is the best option. This way, you will never ever get bored and at the same time will avoid getting too attached to anyone emotionally. Thus, the threat of losing out on the fun factor of a casual sex encounter is eliminated.
No strings attached sex enhances your confidence. Always be rotation ready and keep up the spirit of adventure alive. Keep it exciting by rotating the sex partners.