Everything LGBT Teens Need to Know About Single Life

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Single Doesn’t Mean Solitary

The single life can get a bad rap! But while it is pretty common and understandable to want to be in a relationship, there are also a lot of great things about not being coupled off.

One thing that is true about being single is that it sure doesn’t have to mean you are lonely. Single people often have larger social groups, tons of outside interests and strong connections to their families.  

​Here’s everything LGBT teens need to know about the single life. 

6 Ways to Be Happy With Your Single Status

While it is fine to want to have a boyfriend or girlfriend, it is also a-ok to be single. But sometimes, feeling okay with being single can take a while. Here are 6 things about being single that can put a smile on your face!

  1. People want to be around single people
  2. You have more money
  3. You get much needed time alone
  4. You can flirt without worrying about hurting a partner’s feelings
  5. You can do what ever you want with your free time
  6. If you aren’t ready to come out, you won’t have additional pressure to do so

Benefits to Single Life for LGBT Teens

In our society, there is an awful lot of pressure to couple up. So it can be helpful to keep some of the benefits of single life in mind. These include things like being able to make your own decisions about what you do, having more control over your time, not having to deal with someone else’s drama, not having to deal with complicated emotions, and the pain of break ups, and having time to learn more about yourself.

Dating Tips for Single LGBT Teens

Some single LGBT teens worry that they will never meet anyone to date.  So how can you find someone to date? One thing is to be open to a wide variety of people and “types.” Maybe the theater kid you thought was dorky, is actually really cool, or the jock isn’t the meat-head you wrote her off as. Another idea is to contact your local LGBT community center and ask if they have any programs for teens. 

How to Come Out as LGBT if You Are Single

Coming out is a big decision and the issue of whether or not to come out while you are single and not dating anyone is a big one for LGBT teens and adults alike. Some gay teens worry that people won’t believe them if they come out while they are single. Some fear being told that they can’t really know their sexual orientation unless they date a same gender partner.

Remember, Most Teens Are Single!

I know, I know, it often seems like everyone around you is happily dating, but really, most teens, both those who are LGBT and those who are hetero, are single more often than not.  So next time you are bemoaning your solo status try to remember not only are you in good company, but there are also some pretty good parts about your single status.