Dating Buddies: Casual to something more than casual.

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These four tell tale signs expresses that your casual relationship is going somewhere else; Leading to something more than what you expected.

1 When either of you says “I love you”.
The words “I love you” said by either of you is a clear sign that your casual sex relationship is being enjoyed thoroughly.
This certainly is taking things outside the casual zone which is without any strings attached. Saying those three words is a sign of strings now getting attached between the two of you. Normally one should take it as a compliment. One should be alert at the same time as you might become vulnerable. Deciding which direction to move…casual or serious; is your call to take.

2 Texting throughout the day.
Texting throughout the day between the two of you is certainly a sign that your relationship is moving towards a serious affair rather than a casual relationship. Texting daily and all day long or at regular intervals during the day is a sign of compatibility. If the texting does not bother you or make you feel bored, and you are starting to enjoy each other’s texts on a regular basis, there is a bright chance of a personal chemistry getting developed between the two of you.

3. Accidentally leaving clothes behind.
When either of the partner exhibits this behaviour of leaving personal belongings or items consistently at the no string sex meeting place, there is a big possibility of development of a strong romantic bond between the two of you.
It is an indication that the person who is leaving the stuff behind wants to meet again.

4. Seeing each other more than once a week.
One of the biggest indicators of developing genuine interest in the other person is the frequency of meetings. Normally, finding a local fuck buddy will see each once a week or so. When this frequency of meeting increases, it is a sign of developing of closeness between the two of you. If things do get more serious with one of your buddies, that’s perfectly fine if it adds to your happiness. Let the relationship carry itself to the next level of pleasure.
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