10 Things Every Woman Should Have In Her Nightstand

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There are some men that are constantly wondering about what a woman usually keeps in her nightstand for sexual pleasure. It has been said that you can tell a lot about a woman by what she has in her drawer, which is why lots of women are picky about what they have stored in there. This is the most important drawer a woman has in her room since it pretty much sums up her erotic personality.

A woman should definitely keep certain things in her nightstand that is near her bed for sexual pleasure; either for herself or her main squeeze. These items need to be a reflection of who she is sexually and what turns her on. Each woman is different, but what all women have in common is the need to be satisfied sexually. Take a look at the 10 things every woman should have in her nightstand.

Item #1: Edible Panties

Edible panties are absolutely coming back into style and for those who are not familiar with the product here is a bit of information about it. Edible underwear is a candy product that is shaped into the form of underwear that can be worn and eaten. These candy panties were first made in 1975 by David Sanderson and Lee Brady. What makes this a must have for women to have in their drawer is that this little number will bring much excitement to a night of passionate sex. If the woman knows that she will be having guest that night she can slip on her edible panties and give the guy a nice surprise when he goes down to lick her up. It will be a pleasant surprise to him because he isn’t expecting an additional tasty treat aside from your sweet juices.

Item #2: Vibrator

This little number can be brought out to play with a partner or if the woman wants to enjoy some alone time with herself. A woman’s vibrator is all about getting to climax in the shortest amount of time, because lets be honest, she isn’t trying to romance herself. She just wants to have one hell of an orgasm quickly and then go about her day. If she pulls out the vibrator during sex she is asking for her partner to tease her for a bit before giving her the real deal.

Item #3: Bullet/Egg Vibrator

Most woman usually have two different types of vibrators; one for insertion as describe on the Item #2 section and the other which will be described right now. The bullet vibrator is solely for clitoral pleasure; which is the area of a woman’s private part that needs the most stimulation. The good thing is that this too can also be used for both partner and solo sex.There are several different types of bullets that are either chrome finish or have a silicone cover. Many women prefer the silicone cover as it is more of a comfortable material to rub against their clitoris.

Item #4: Batteries

Many men wonder why women have batteries in their nightstands and the reason for that is because when a woman is pleasuring herself and her good old friend is slowing down in speed she needs to switch out the batteries before she gets out of the mood. This event could be tragic if a woman didn’t have batteries within reach. Most women don’t just want a box of batteries laying there in her drawer, so she would put several at a time in a small type of favor bag. This added feature makes switching out batteries a more pleasurable experience.

Item #5: Flavored/Unflavored Lube

Most women do not need lube as they are naturally extremely wet, but for those moments of experiencing an all night love making marathon or anal, the lube really comes in handy. It’s best to have a water based lube since this will not leave any unwanted stickiness or mess on the body. There are some women who prefer flavored lube, because she can place it anywhere on a man’s body and have a sweet treat for herself. There are some men who prefer not to use flavored lube with a woman during sex, because the moments he wants to go down on her he will taste the lube instead of tasting her natural juices.

Item #6: Flavored/ Unflavored Condoms

It’s always a good choice to practice safe sex. There is no shame for a woman to have a box of condoms in her nightstand. This just shows that she knows how to have a good time, yet she is still going to be safe while doing it. Lots of guys these days feel the need not to carry a condom around and it’s the responsibility of both parties to be safe in their sexual adventures, so it’s a great idea for a woman to have some available on hand. Every woman should also have a couple of flavored condoms for those nights when she wants to get a bit more oral with her new sex partner, but doesn’t want to have the latex taste in her mouth from regular condoms.

Item #7: Handcuffs

This item should really only be used with someone the woman trusts. Handcuffs is a great way to branch out of the everyday “normal” sexual acts and try out a bit of bondage sex. There are several different kinds of handcuffs that are made specifically for sex. They can either be metal, furry or plush cuffs. The woman needs to make sure she chooses whichever material best suits her sexual lifestyle.

Item #8: Blindfold

This is also another item that should be used with someone that the woman trusts. Blindfolds are great to add that extra arousal from not being able to tell what sexual act is coming up next. Where is the guy going to touch her next? Where is he about to shove his tongue at? When a person is blindfolded this allows their other senses to become heightened and all of this leads to a one of a kind sexual experience.

Item #9: Erotic Novel

It’s no secret that women enjoy letting their imagination run wild while reading erotic novels. The reason she has this type of reading material in her drawer is for those nights where all she wants to do is fantasy about a hot hunk showing her body new pleasures she has never experienced before. With the aid of her sex toys she can achieve the ultimate masturbation session. There are definitely a lot of women who have a copy of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” right now in their nightstand.

Item #10: Scented Candles

Just because a woman enjoys having sex doesn’t mean that there won’t be times where she wants a bit of romance as well. She might even want to turn on those scented candles while she is reading her erotic novel and pleasuring herself with her bullet. If the man she is with during any given night wants to be a bit more passionate he can even pull out the candles himself and light them up. This will definitely impress the woman as well. Another item that goes along with candles is making sure there are matches or lighters in the drawer since no one wants to have to run into the kitchen to find matches when they are trying to get it on.