Why You Should Date a Big Girl

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The world doesn’t make it easy for big women to feel attractive. The world plays a major role in the big girls’ emotional battles of self-acceptance and having high self-esteem. The modeling industry is well-known for years of displaying skinny, anorexic looking models sporting a size 2 or 4 frames, in magazines, billboards, and on runways in fashion shows all over the world. The images of these thin, beautiful women are what have caused many people to believe that this is what you should look like to be beautiful. The truth is, women can be beautiful, no matter their size! Models like Melissa Aronson (known as Emme), Candice Huffine and Dana Elaine Owens, (known as Queen Latifah), have helped to redefine the look of beauty. As the world changes, women are getting bigger. The average woman is now a sexy size 12 and men have plenty of reasons to date these women and other big beautiful women (BBW) of larger sizes.


It’s your preference! Do what you wish to do and don’t worry about what other people say. Some men do not prefer to date larger women and this is okay! Everyone has a preference as some men may choose to only date short women, tall women, women with long hair, women of a certain race and even some may prefer to not date women with children. Men who prefer to date big girls love them and would not have it any other way! They love the curvy hips, plump thighs, cushiony stomachs, big breasts, all the qualities that could come with being a voluptuous woman.


Everybody wants affection. Affection has been shown to reduce tension and stress and can be a great end to a long hard day at work. Research shows that affection is as equally important to men as it is to women. Big girls are known to be very affectionate and cuddling with them is fun! Big girls have more to hug and more to feel on and squeeze and look forward to showing and receiving affection. Not only does affection help you, being affectionate helps your big and beautiful woman feel the love that she needs for emotional stability.


Your personality shows who you are. Perhaps this is the greatest quality that people may notice about bigger girls. They tend to have an inner beauty that displays through their wonderful personalities! Big girls tend to have openness, a trait that makes them open to new experiences and trying new things, especially new foods. They are willing to go to new places, especially with their man. Agreeableness is another personality trait that big girls have which measures the extent of a person’s warmth and kindness. Big girls with agreeableness are more compassionate and trustworthy and dependable. Big girls also tend to be extraverts who are very chatty, happy, and sociable, so they will be nice to bring to parties and family functions. Mature people see personalities as a great asset that far outweighs a person’s looks that over time will change. Personalities are permanent traits, built into one’s DNA, so you can bet that the magnificent person you met today, will be the same in ten years!

Love for Food

Do you like to eat? Of course, you do! Everybody loves to eat! It’s just that some people who love to eat deprive themselves of the things they want to eat in fear of getting fat. So every day they miss out on what they truly love to eat, instead of maybe eating small portions. Many skinny chics love to eat food but resort to drastic measures like binge eating and throwing up. Big girls don’t want to throw up their food and they hate to waste food. You don’t ever have to worry about big girls eating a fat-free yogurt cup as a meal and scolding you because you ate a big, fat juicy hamburger. Big girls will eat a hamburger with you. Big girls love to cook, love to go out to eat, love to talk about food, and will love to feed you. Big girls will cook you three meals a day, ensuring that you are well feeding.


Have you ever met a big girl who mentioned that she would love to lose weight, but just has a hard time doing so? You can play a large part in helping her. This is your opportunity to help someone accomplish a goal. Big girls would love to work out with someone who can motivate them to look and feel better about themselves, especially her man. You can take her walking outside in the park, around the neighborhood or to the gym. Be sure to let her know that you love her just the way she is, but if she desires to lose weight, you are more than willing to help her.


Big girls, unfortunately, may not have scores of guys chasing after them. They don’t tend to be head turners, but if you get to know them, you will find out how great they can be. They are loyal to friends, their boyfriends, and husbands and not constantly looking for the next tall, dark, and handsome man to come into their lives. They are content with being with one person and make great companions physically and emotionally.


Women, like men, come in different shapes and sizes and every one sports their unique look. If all men preferred small women, then big girls would forever be lonely. Big women need love, romance, companionship and want families as well. Big girls desire to be loved and want to feel beautiful and wanted. Big girls don’t want to sit in the park to simply watch other people strolling by, holding hands and hugging. They want to be at the park with their man having a great conversation and alone time.


There is nothing more attractive than a confident woman or man. As you sport your beautiful, big woman on your arm, you will be the envy of people who get a chance to see you. They will feel your confidence as you stroll in the park or at the mall or as you eat together. They will respect you and your preference to be with someone unique. They will see you as someone who doesn’t care what people think or say and know that you are happy and satisfied with who you are with. People will know that you are confident with your preference in women and this can help other men began to ponder about giving a big woman a chance. Your girl will also be confident as she will be with her man and skinny chics will wonder what she did to get you. You both will make a statement to everyone and they will know that there is something deeper than the weight issue and they will want to experience it as well.

Online Dating Sites to Meet a BBW

If you are looking to date a BBW, they can be easily found on different dating sites. u4my.com is an online dating website that has a specific site dedicated to big and beautiful singles. If you want to meet a big and beautiful person, this is a great place to start. On this site, BBW can post pictures of themselves and feel comfortable knowing that the men who are viewing their pictures won’t worry about the size. This takes the stress out of online dating and women and men can be free. There is a small monthly fee to join the site. Another site to meet BBW is LargeFriends.com. This site is free and easy to use and has many attractive big girls just waiting for that someone special or their ideal match. Chubbybunnie.com is another online dating website that caters to plus size singles. BBWcupid.com specializes in helping big men and women find each other and form lasting friendships or relationships. Again, members can feel free, relaxed, and comfortable as they share pictures of themselves with others who won’t look at them in disgust. After reading this article, men will be able to give a number of reasons why they should date a big, beautiful woman. Everyone has their own preference and men who like big girls are free to date and select whoever they wish as their mate. Big girls have great qualities which can make them great girlfriends or marriage partners. If you wish to find a big, beautiful woman, you can look around your neighborhoods because they are there. However, if you choose to date online, that is wonderful as well, as online dating is a great way to find out about the person to see if they are a perfect match.