Ultimate Guide to Finding FWB Relationships Online

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What can you do if you don’t want to have sex every night but want consistent sex?

Benefits for friends

You’re probably familiar with the term, but in case there’s any confusion, a friend with benefits relationship is a casual relationship where two people agree to be fuckbuddies.

Although it’s quite simple, many people complicate things and end up in a nightmare.

Don’t let this stop you from starting your own FWB. A FWB can be a great thing if you do it right.

Finding your FWB is the only challenge. Once you do that, everything will be easy.

Here’s how to find a FWB if you don’t know where to start.

Know who you SHOULDN’T pick

People make the common mistake of selecting someone they are close to to as their FWB.

But it is wrong.

You shouldn’t choose a close friend as your FWB. It will only complicate your relationship, regardless of whether or not you want it to.

It’s inevitable.

Ideal is to choose someone you are familiar with but not too close to.

You shouldn’t choose coworkers, friends, or classmates. You should only see them when you get together.

Do not seek out long-term friendships with people you do not see often, with people you work with or with whom you share a class.

Think of people in your life who meet these criteria, like friends, family, or someone you have just met.

Although the title states “friends”, it is not about having a relationship with someone you are fucking.

Examine Your Social Circle

You can find a fuck friend by looking around at your surroundings.

It’s not just your closest friends, but all of the people around. This could be people you know, friends who have introduced you to them, people you notice a lot, and so on.

If they are familiar with you, it is easier to convince someone that you aren’t a creepy and will be open to a FWB relationship.

People who have only been around you for a few times are good FWB. They don’t know you well enough to form any emotional attachments and will know that you’re not some strangeo.

Meet new people

You can also meet new people out there to find a potential FWB.

Going out is always an option if you aren’t sure if someone you know would be interested in being FWB or a good idea if you don’t care about anyone.

You don’t need to party. Go to bars and clubs to meet people. Anywhere in your community you might run into attractive girls or guys, this could be your gateway to your new FWB.

You’re more likely to find a one-night stand by visiting the first two places, but the latter will allow you to meet different types of people and have the potential to develop casual relationships.

Do not believe the myth that girls aren’t interested in casual relationships.

For example, you might find a girl at the local farmers market who is interested in a casual relationship. All you need to do is ask them for their number.

You won’t have any expectations of someone new when you meet them. This is one of the most important rules of a FWB. You won’t have to make any emotional connections and it will be much more enjoyable.

Use apps

People are still nervous about casual sex and dating apps. These can be great tools to find a FWB.

Apps have been created for both singles and couples. Looking for casual relationships or sexual freedom with multiple partners?

These are people who want to have sex with someone they like but don’t want to be in a relationship.

Although it may seem daunting, you will be surprised at how welcoming the people who use these apps are.

Everybody is sex-positive, and will not judge your desires. You could even find people based on their kinks or fetishes!

These apps often have a section that allows you to select the option you want. You can also choose to be “friends” with benefits.

Casual sex and dating apps are great because you won’t have to deal with awkward moments trying to figure out how to make it FWB. After a few days of chat, you can ask someone if they’re down and not feel awkward about it.

Everybody is looking for the same thing – no strings attached sex. And if they only want one thing, that’s okay too!


Casual sex and dating sites are a great way for potential FWB to meet. There are some differences.

Sites seem to have more users than apps, for whatever reason. It could be the fact you can log in anytime and sign out. You don’t need to have it downloaded to any device. Private browsing mode is also available.

However, fuckbuddy websites are the best place to find FWB relationships.

Remember to be direct, confident, and respectful with all users that you wish to become FWB.

You might also be interested in search tools that allow you to find people in your local area using your zip code and distance.