Top Essentials of Cougar Dating

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Take advantage of the fact that Cougars will treat you well.

It is expected that men will pay for meals or dates with women their own age when they are hooking up. In the case of cougar dating however, men who are savvy can take advantage of the fact that Cougars will be more than happy to accommodate younger men in many situations. Cougars will pay for everything, from dinner and movies to breakfast the next morning after a hookup. Even more wealthy cougars might buy you luxury gifts and vacations. These are just a few of the many perks that come with dating a cougar. Keep reading this page to discover more.

Cougars will know what they want

Cougars may have lived on the same block several times, and may have had a few children (or grandkids). Remember that cougars are able to identify their goals in life and relationships. They also know what they desire in the bedroom. Because of their naturally higher testosterone, cougars may be more aggressive when pursuing their sexual desires. Some cougars will not leave until their needs are met. This means your performance must be top-notch and you should be ready to go when an aggressive cougar is out.

Cougars may require extra lubrication

It is important to remember that men who date cougars need extra lubrication. Spit is the best, but if your cougar doesn’t want to spit, make sure you have a bottle of lube in both your car and your home. As women get older and become more independent, their natural ability to lubricate themselves can decrease. You can avoid embarrassing yourself or your cougar by packing extra lube.

Cougars require you to be adept at sticky social situations.

There are many people that can make it difficult to be with your cougar, including children, estranged husbands, and nosey neighbors. Avoiding awkward situations is the best way to avoid them. Two people are required to create an awkward situation. As long as you keep your cool, awkwardness will not ensue.

Things can quickly turn sour if you lose your cool. Cougars can be mature and manage themselves so it is important to keep cool and collected when you are in social situations.

Be proud to date your cougar.

It can be embarrassing to date someone who is many years older than yourself. But that’s not something you should do. As with everything in life, you must take responsibility for the actions and decisions that you make. You should be proud to introduce your cougar to the public and not shy away from attending functions or other events if you are dating a cougar. Most men will envy your ability to find a hot cougar. There’s nothing more attractive to a cougar that knowing you can be seen in public with her. Everyone wants true love and that includes cougars.