Rules for a Tinder Hookup You Need to Know

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Tinder hookups

You may not have had the opportunity to experience them if you don’t know what lies ahead. You can have the most amazing sexual experience of your life, even though it is easy for things not to go according to plan.

These are the top rules that you should know before you begin swiping. They will help you find the perfect Tinder matchup.

You Shall Not Be A Bum

Being a “bum” means that you want the girl to do everything, from driving you guys to get to you to buying condoms to getting back to you.

This is the ultimate turn-off!

A girl doesn’t want to feel that she is about to be fucked by a man-child, or someone who lacks basic respect.

There are some things you need to know if you want to hook up with a Tinder girl.

First, be a gentleman, and if possible, pick her up. However, I know that not all guys have the money or the ability to drive and pick their date up.

That’s cool.

Before you meet, briefly explain your situation and ask her if she is able to drive. If she refuses, you can say that you can meet up at your own place.

However, don’t expect him to be there. When you are looking to hook up, don’t say “Come through” and “Slide”.

You should also make sure that you have everything you need to hook up, such as condoms and lube. You should have safe sex on your first date.

While condoms are a good option for women, it is nice to be able to show that you don’t have to assume your man will go raw.

You can’t say “I don’t like condoms” to expect your girlfriend to accept it because it “feels better.”

You’ll be able to show her you are prepared and think about what she might need.

You can offer to Uber your girl home if she is interested. This doesn’t need to be done all the time. However, it will make a lasting impression on the girl you are chatting with via Tinder and leave her wanting more.

You Must Not Feed Her Lies

It’s not necessary to promise anything or lie about your intentions when you are trying to hookup or hooking up. Tinder girls don’t care if you are just looking for a hookup. You don’t have to “convince” or trick them into your bed.

Do not text her with the idea to ask her out on a date.

You must be able to convey that you are looking for a relationship.

You don’t have to tell her, “Want to hook-up tonight and never again talk to you?” Or “I’m looking for sex, you down?” However, you must let her know when it’s time to speak up.

You can suggest meeting at your home to let her know your intentions, but not in a degrading way.

Smart girls will know what this means. If she doesn’t say yes or suggests another place, it’s an indicator that she’s not interested in hooking up.

You could ask her to visit your house by saying something like “Would it be okay if you came over to my place to paint/watch a film/make drinks/walk my dog with us?”

All of these options sound adorable, and if she knows that she will be coming over to your house, she will likely be open to the idea of sex.

It’s not too far for you

Don’t take it too far.

Avoid trying to perform fancy moves during sex that you haven’t perfected. You risk embarrassing mishaps and the possibility of her thinking the sex was awful.

When it comes to hooking-up with someone for the first time, your best option is to stick to what you know and what’s good about you.

In the interest of impressing her, don’t try new moves or fuck up while you’re having sex. If you perform sex well and hit all the right spots even if it’s not complicated, she will remember you and likely want to do it again.

You Shall Not Assume

You shouldn’t assume she will have sex. You will lose her faster if she doesn’t understand the situation before you make a move or pull out on her.

You don’t want her to invite you over and then have her come in to touch your skin or take off her clothes.

Don’t assume that she will agree to sex with you even if you invite her. You can’t predict how people will feel or what they want.

You Must Never Forget to Ask

You should always ask her before you start hooking up. When you start to notice that things are slowing down, like when you look at each other more and smile more, and notice that she isn’t turning away from your gentle touches (e.g., putting your hand on her hip), you should ask her if you want to go further.

It’s easy to ask her if she wants to sex, without having to say “Want to fuck?” Ask her questions like “Are you okay?” As you touch her more, ask “Do you want to continue?” As things move forward.

You Must Not Be a Brag

Do not openly discuss your hookup.

If she hears about it, which is most likely, and she does, you can bet her that she will not want to ever see you again.

Do not ruin your chances of meeting a new fuckbuddy, or enter a friendship with benefits relationship. This is not a good quality and other girls in your vicinity who might also be on Tinder may hear about it. They will not match you.

You Must Not Get Clingy

After your hookup ends, don’t be the guy who immediately blows up his phone trying to “hangout again ;()” or thinks she’s your perfect match.

Allow both of you to have some time before you meet again. However, don’t ghost your hookup partner after you’ve hooked up — that’s rude.

You might give it a few days, but let her know that it was a good night when she goes. You might even get a text from her, depending on how it went. Just to be sure, you don’t want to be one of those guys who doesn’t know how boundaries work and gives people space.