Real Women Compare Popular Dating Apps

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There are many dating apps available, from invite-only apps to full-on sex apps. There are apps for fun and some are for long-term relationships. The dominant dating sites like OkCupid and cater to an older audience than Tinder. This app is used by twentysomethings to find love and it’s very popular. How can smaller, more niche-oriented apps and sites make it into the hearts of consumers when there are so many big players in the dating scene? There are some new players who want to shake up the system and be dominant in connecting people.

Hinge is a dating app which started as a website in the corner. Jeff McLeod was the one who created it. He had an idea to connect people via Facebook and friends of Facebook a year before Tinder. Despite its rapid growth, McLeod doesn’t really care about Tinder. Hinge uses Facebook to connect people with mutual friends. It also uses this to attract users. This gives you credibility and is much less creepy than Tinder. Do you think most people find potential dates through friends of friends? Wouldn’t you trust a friend to recommend someone you know to you?

McLeod’s app allows you to do this. However, you don’t need to invite anyone to a dinner party to connect with someone. He believes this is what he is betting on and that it will benefit him long-term. His app is the dating version Facebook, and McLeod thinks Tinder will become the new MySpace. Hinge is aware that there are many Tinder users, but you’ll get tired of bad relationships and awkward hookups. There’s now an app that can suggest the best apps for you.

Pure is next. This app is made specifically for the explicit. People who use it want to have sex with people near them and they need it immediately. This app is a great alternative to Tinder in terms of hookup apps. It doesn’t require you login via Facebook. This means that you won’t be worried about your reputation being damaged if you meet someone you know. You can only share information to the app for one hour. This is convenient as you may want to reveal more later.

However, there is one catch. As a new user, you get five tickets which are your free passes to the app. Your information is available for one hour to other users. You should use these passes wisely unless you’re a professional hookup shopper (hopefully not that paid, illegal type). You will need to purchase more passes once your pass is used up. You are basically paying for sex. However, if you use this app it probably doesn’t impact your conscience as much.

After you have made a post using your pass, it will take you one hour for others (hopefully) to see it. Then tap “Yes” or the “No” button on your account. You will not be notified if anyone replies “No”. However, if they reply “Yes”, you will know. You can view more photos of them and send them messages if you show attraction to them. This will all need to happen quickly, so be prepared if you find a match. It is not a clean app, but it has a beautiful UI.

Coffee Meets Bagel is the final app on this list. It uses Facebook to help you find your partner. This app has one match per day. This is to ensure that users get better quality matches than they would find on Tinder or Hinge. Users have 24 hours to message their matches after they are matched. Otherwise, it disappears and you get another match the next day. This app is more about long-term relationships than casual sex. You can trust the matches you make through this app, just like Hinge. They are friends with your Facebook friends (although not all matches have been friends).

Coffee Meets Bagel was founded by three sisters, who were both brilliant and moved to America from South Korea as teenagers. They wanted you to be able to concentrate on one match at the time. This is how they expect users to have better interactions with their connections, be more open to romantic relationships and go on dates. Who are you going to choose if you have five Tinder matches that you think are great? Coffee Meets Bagel makes it easy to choose. You get five matches on Tinder that you all think are great. If one fails, there’s another chance for a home run.

Although it might appear that the main players in the dating market will not lose their footing, apps such as the ones listed above will gain momentum and change the landscape. Young singles will continue to search for apps and sites that can help them find a partner or a one-night stand. Their preferences will change over time. It’s up to the little guys, to change stigmas and social norms. Tinder made waves when it first arrived. Before we know it, apps like Coffee Meets Bagel and Hinge will be the preferred choice for singles. Trends are what can make or break something, and it is up to users to decide those trends. The apps may be making the trend this time.