PURE Dating App Review – Read This Before You Sign Up

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “anonymous hookup application”?

Although this may seem like a bad thing at first, it will help you to get rid of any preconceived notions about meeting strangers using the PURE app.

You can use PURE to hook up with someone anonymously if you feel sexy or just want to have sex with someone. The app allows users to meet new people and have sex.

It’s called an anonymous hookup application because users don’t have any information about themselves to share, even pictures.

While that may sound frightening, PURE is not an app for the afraid.

It’s not possible to quickly judge the app. You need to talk to the person to decide if they are worth meeting and if they want to hook up.

Surprisingly, however, PURE has resulted in some great hookups for many people and is not as scary as you might think.

Hookups with PURE are fast, discreet, and so much of a lot of fun.

Here’s everything you need about Pure and how it can help you decide if it is the right app for you.

First Impression

You can immediately see the vibe that PURE is trying to project when you search for it in the App Store or Google Play.

PURE is for those who are willing to take a risk and those who think in a progressive manner.

The app preview images and design look almost like an illustration from a cool magazine, which is why you can see that a lot of young millennials are using it.

PURE’s creators made it clear that the app is not designed for those looking for relationships. It is for people who are looking for pleasure and a night out.

You don’t have to connect any social media accounts to this app, nor do you need to verify your account with a number. All you need is a picture of yourself. In reality, however, it could be anything.

PURE uses your location to show you nearby users, and only those who are online at the exact same time as you. You have one hour to open a request and match with someone.

You have one hour to contact someone and arrange a meeting before your messages are automatically deleted and your profile is destroyed.

PURE uses encryption to protect messages and then deletes them.

PURE is minimalistic and clean, just like their name. They have a minimal design and few options. Switch between the three screens: your profile screen and your matches screen. You can also switch between your messages screen.

The app is easy to use and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Things can change depending on when you open the app.

Logging in at 3 p.m. is a different way to find people than logging in at 9 p.m. However, PURE will always inform you if a girl is nearby.


You’re only visible for the time you have. However, you can change the profile picture to suit your needs.

You can’t do anything to your profile other than a photo and your location.

The matches screen has the most features. The best thing about Pure is the ability to switch between seeing everyone in your area and only seeing those who are interested in you.

To check if they are nearby, you can swipe on any profile.

One new feature in PURE is that you don’t have to wait for someone to like you to message you; you can now send instant messages to anyone you want with the Instant Chat message button. It’s located next to the heart icon and the ‘like’ button.

There’s no need to wait for someone else to like you. You can start chatting and increase your chances of meeting up in an hour.


PURE isn’t free to use if you aren’t a woman. To gain full access to the app, you will need to buy a membership.

Prices for PURE are listed below:

  • Take 3 days off, then $29.99/month
  • For $14.99, get one-week access
  • Buy 3 Months for $49.99
  • For $64.99, get one-year access


PURE is only for hookups. Everyone on the app is open to anonymous sex.

To use the app, you don’t have to share too much information about yourself.

You will also see something new every time you log into your account and not always the same people.


Even with the 3-day trial, you can’t use the app unless you have a card in your possession.

If you do not make an arrangement within one hour of posting your request you will need to start over and upload a photo.

Due to time limitations, there is a limit on the number of users that you can log in.

You may also not find as many people nearby, since PURE is largest in NYC, London and LA, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, and Boston.

Conclusions and Rating

You’ll have more success if you live in a large city than someone who lives in a small town. To test it out, we recommend a three-day trial. However, you should check the app at different times of the day as timing can affect your results.

PURE is the app you should use if you are looking for discreet hookups in which you don’t have to share too much personal information.