Local Hookup Review – Is this Sex Site a scam?

The internet is the best place to go if you want to be sexy. The internet is full of ways to fulfill our most sexy fantasies with strangers. Local Hookup promises a hot fling. Is it a scam or a real hookup?

First Look

Local Hookup appears to be a computer virus just waiting to strike as soon as it loads. The background features a collection of almost identically-looking white blonde women. The top displays a countdown.

Once you register, you are quickly reminded that this site is for heterosexuals only. Either a woman looking for a man or a girl seeking one, you can register. There are no gay, lesbian, bisexual, or trans* options. After you create a profile, it is possible to change your gender preference and set gay/lesbian settings. However, this can be difficult to do and leaves no room to be bisexual. Once you are registered, you will be prompted to upgrade to the Gold Membership for a monthly fee.

The most sinister thing about their site is the language they use to talk to young women. They even have a button that promises you’ll “fuck young girls right now.”

The Dating Pool

Users are bombarded with messages from other members, regardless of gender, encouraging them to get together. These messages quickly become apparent to be fake and part of a scam to get you to pay for an upgraded member. The Section 10 of Local Hookup’s Terms and Conditions reveals the cold truth about these scams. To see the full list, go to their website. Scroll down to the bottom. Section 10 says that some of the profiles may be fake or represent models or bots associated with [the] Love Stars program.

That’s right. Local Hookup claims that these bots and models are meant to entertain and encourage users to use the site. These bots, despite their claims, are clearly part of a plan to encourage people to sign up to a Gold Membership. Once you upgrade, the messages stop and you’ll wonder what you spent so much money on.

This site has real people looking for a hookup. You can filter your search results to include people over 35, and you will find a lot of interested individuals, mostly cougars or silver foxes, whose online activity is minimal.

Unique Perks

There are very few perks to Local Hookup. You can view the location of someone on their profile. This is both a plus and a disadvantage. Although it’s great to see if someone is nearby, it can also be dangerous for sex-hungry singles to know where you’re located.

Site encourages online activity by giving users a score based on interactions, connections and sharing. Although this is a great idea, it’s hard to believe that the score actually tells anything. Models and bots are among the most active users on the site.

You can also get access to porn and cam models if your upgrade membership is purchased. This is a nice bonus, especially considering that Chaturbate has a lot of live and sexy material.

The Catch

Local Hookup is full of “the catch”, so it’s difficult to identify exactly what that is. Local Hookup will pressurize you to sign up as a Gold Member, promising honeys in the area, sex today and good porn. The Gold Membership is $39.95 per Month (or $19.95 per Month if you ignore all red flags, and invest six months in advance).

These scammers will try to drain your bank accounts as quickly as possible. They don’t just charge you for Local Hookup. Involuntary enrollment is also required to receive additional monthly recurring memberships.

  • MaxHDPorn.com for $49.61 per month
  • ExclusiveAdultVideos.com for $49.87 per month.

Your total monthly cost for Local Hookup is $139.43. You will need to cancel each of these charges individually. Local Hookup, with its wealth of older people on it, is nothing but a site that exploits the less tech-savvy to make quick money.

This site can cause you a lot of stress and humiliation if you don’t take precautions. It will also drain your bank account.


Local Hookup is a dangerous place to be. They aren’t there to help you, they’re there for your money. Even if they were legitimate, any hookup site that promotes sex with children (even fake) should not be given a second of screen time. Feeld and Adult Friend Finder are better options if you want a consensual, sexy and genuine time. Only a 1/5 star rating for Local Hookup.