Free Dating Tips for Random Hookups

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These are five essential tips to help you navigate the murky world that is random hookups. These tips will help you stay safe and have fun while you are looking for casual hookups.

You can just go with it

Random hookups can be unpredictable and could bring out the best in you and your partner. Random hookups can be difficult to navigate, with everything from embarrassing sounds to knocking over kitchenware. Surprises can happen because no one ever plans to have a random hookup. You don’t have to live with roommates or pets.


Protect yourself from any random hookup, even if you are friends with the person you are hooking up. If you don’t have protection, the decision to hook up with someone randomly could negatively impact your future. Most people don’t want to get pregnant by a random hookup. That’s a good thing. Even if you believe you are clean, it is important to protect your partner and yourself from sexually transmitted disease. If you have a casual relationship with your partner or if you start a romance, you can choose to use protection or not. For casual hookups, you should always use a condom.

Do not spend the night

Your random hookup partner may not be your friend and they are not your BFF. They are someone you have had a casual hookup with once, nothing more. You can also make it seem like you are looking for more than a casual hookup by spending the night with your buddy.

Two people will engage in random sex when they have the intention of having sporadically. There won’t be any strings attached, no dates, no comments on Facebook, or bullshit. It is important to avoid spending the night with someone you don’t know. This will preserve the integrity of the random hookup and not make it seem too dependent. You can stay up until 6 or 7 in the morning if it’s still hot, but you must get up before sunrise. You can always meet up with your special someone again if you have the chance.

Do not make hasty assumptions

They make a fool of you and I, as they say about assumptions. This is especially true for random hookups. You might end up hooking up with someone completely new, or someone you met online, at a bar or in a club. You might make assumptions about someone you have only met for a short time and decide to hook up with them.

It is important not to talk negatively about anyone. You should not speak negatively about your new hookup buddy. After all, you only have been with them for a few hours. What you dislike could be what they love. Avoid awkward or embarrassing conversations by keeping things light and positive. Also, don’t make assumptions about your new partner.

Take care of your pets and roommates

It can be difficult to arrange random hook-ups. Roommates, pets, or other unanticipated complications can also make things more complicated. There is nothing worse than stepping into someone’s home hot and heavy only to find a conversation-happy, overweight roommate playing Xbox with a moat of Cheetos. It’s better to have a random hookup with someone you don’t know. You can also hook up outside of the house if the weather is good.

Pets are the second thing to remember. You should be careful to not get allergic to dogs or cats. However, you must ensure that you don’t sneeze everywhere. Aggression towards animals should not be considered sexy. You must be able to hook up in a private room. Keep small pets and cats away from the area where it’s happening. There is nothing worse than a curious cat or happy dog getting involved in a hookup.