review – Is this hookup dating site legit? was founded in 1997 and has helped over 70 million people. They claim to be able to help them get where their wingmen, or even their own finesse, have failed. helps you discover common interests with potential dates or flings. Their simple name lures you with images of cute singles who are eager to get to know your town. Is this really going to help you or just talk?

First Look

You’re asked to choose between the two genders that you are attracted to when you sign up for your first time. You won’t find a trans* or couples option. This means that you will be restricted to a mostly heterosexual and vanilla site for hooking up. No matter what you choose, you must make sure that you select the right one. Once you become a member, you can’t change who you are attracted to and leave bi babes behind.

Registering is easy and straightforward. This section can be as detailed or as simple as you like. You can also choose any photo that you feel will attract the honeys. Once you have completed your profile, you will receive a message from the site administrator with many “special offers” to keep it interesting. Once you have completed your profile, you can sign up and start looking for eligible bachelors or bachelorettes in your area.

The Dating Pool offers a wealth singles right from your home screen. You can filter them by popularity or recent activity. You’ll soon realize that not all of the 45 people are free. This makes it difficult to gauge the type of people who visit this site.

The first few rows of eligible bachelors will tell you that you should not be looking for men. Only two of the Bay Area matches had anything close to a smile on their profile pictures. The photos were mostly grainy and didn’t give any indication that the matches would be enjoyable.

Perhaps straight men feel so down because of the availability of women who are more friendly and brighter looking than them. Many profiles appeared fake. After I signed up, I received messages from women saying that they were interested in me. My profile and photo gallery was completely empty. The majority of women I received were either scammers or bots, so it was difficult to tell if any local women were looking for men.

Unique Perks has a few unique features that set it apart from other web-based dating or hookup sites, despite these red flags. allows you to swipe like Tinder, from your desktop. This means that you can browse profiles without needing to read them all (or pay for it).

You can send five messages per day for free, and you can also participate in chatrooms such as “Naughty but nice” and “Kink Friendly” to connect with more interesting content and (potentially!) real people in your local area.

FlirtCasts are another option. These messages can be sent to multiple users at once to test the waters and see if anyone is interested in a date.

The catch is a scam. It offers features that almost every dating site does, but not with much improvement. seems to be geared towards men older than 35 who are less tech-savvy.

This website is a poor and expensive Tinder version. The problems do not end there. Many men report being scammed after signing-up. Men receive many messages from women but cannot access all of them unless they pay. takes their credit card information and the messages stop flowing. The messages are mostly from bots that stress out new users until they purchase credits. After twenty-four hours, the site deletes all unseen messages, leaving users little time for reflection on whether or not they want to pay for the site.

Remember that site admin who contacted you at the beginning of each message? It keeps on coming with promises of a “special discount” to access certain features. This is what you need if you want to use this site. The user’s first photo, name, and tagline are all visible free of charge. A membership is required to view their bio, interests, or other information. You’ll pay for the special 30% discount that they offer on their prices.

  • For a Three Day Trial, $1.50/day or $4.50
  • $2.14/day (or $64.20 for one month)
  • $0.77/day or $69.30 for three months
  • $0.62/day (or $111.60 for six months)

If you still think a three-day trial is harmless, think again. Your three-day trial “automatically converts into a monthly subscription,” meaning your $4.50 will now become $64 per month. makes cancelling difficult. Many men have reported that they had to block’s cards to stop payments.


User beware! should be avoided. It started as a legitimate dating and hookup site back in the 1990s. However, it has become a fraud to take money from men seeking lovin’. There are better places to meet a partner and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. gets 1/5 stars.