Feeld Review – is this hookup app for real?

Hookup sites are often fraught in a world of catfishing and scams. It can be difficult to find the right place to hook up with someone who is looking for something sexy, queer or otherwise out of the norm. Feeld is the answer. Feeld, which was previously known as Thrinder is a hookup application in its own right. It doesn’t have a desktop website and claims it can cater to your threesome, queer, and kinky needs. Is this a legit app or a waste of your time?

First Look

The initial feeling of Feeld is not very strong when you sign up. It’s not a very user-friendly site so it’s not unreasonable to expect them to sign up through Facebook. Feeld does take precautions to protect your information. Facebook will not automatically post your swipe history or Feeld profile. Feeld promises that users will soon be able to sign up without Facebook. However, for the moment, this is what would-be kinksters need to do. You will be greeted on the registration page with the promise of “meeting singles and couples” – couples are always first.

It’s not only the polyamorous dynamic that makes Feeld different, it’s all of it. Feeld is the gay and bisexual mecca for hookups, offering tons of ways to identify your gender or sexuality. They pride themselves on being LGBTQIA+-inclusive and claim to be the app for everyone who wants to play.

Anonymity is the core of this organization. It’s encouraged to use a fake identity and you don’t have the obligation to reveal your face in photos (although nudity is prohibited at this time). The interface is simple and friendly, and the best part? It’s almost completely free.

The dating pool

Feeld is all about having fun and being sexy. However, Feeld’s eligible honeys tend to be younger because it is an app. This site is for users aged 18 to 35. There are many members who are over thirty-five but most of them are couples.

This app is the most queer dating app, regardless of age. Everyone is welcome to have sex thanks to the many options and emphasis on gender expression and sexuality. On Feeld, queer and nonbinary are the most common gender identifiers. There are many sexualities, including pansexual, demisexual and heteroflexible. It’s not to say that there aren’t any straight people on the app. They do exist, but they make up only about half of all users. Many times, these straight people are part a couple who is looking for their third.

Couples on Feeld are unicorn hunters. Some couples are more ethical than others. However, it is important to choose a couple who respects your boundaries. There are many other options available for play, too. Feeld is a place for couples who are looking for the same room action as swingers, hosts, orgies, doms and subs. Singles looking to join a threesome or moresome or kinky one-night stand can also be found on Feeld.

Unique perks

There are many perks to Feeld that make it stand apart from the rest. Couples can create their own accounts and pair up, which encourages them to play separately and together. Each account also allows you to list your interests and turn-ons. This allows potential partners to see what you like to do on the streets and in bed.

You can get a Majestic membership for $11.99 per monthly (or $23.99 over three months) that allows you to hide and track who has liked you on Facebook.

The best thing about this site is its queer- and polyamorous friendliness. It’s great to know that other members are looking for someone like you, whether they are trans*, nonbinary or queer, tall, thin, kinky, swinger, etc. Feeld is a great place for anyone looking to experiment with new things.

The catch

It’s almost always true that something sounds too good to be true. Although Feeld is a great app, it has many bugs. There are many bugs. Users can become frozen on the screen or see the same person repeatedly after rejecting them. Feeld sometimes can’t find you exactly. Although these bugs are being actively addressed by the team, it can still be a big buzzkill when trying to attract a new girl.

You must use Facebook to access this information. This can prove to be a major barrier for people who have deleted Facebook or are like me and forget their password so often. Feeld has promised to end its Facebook ties soon, removing users from the fear of being exposed and the hassle of linking apps.


Although there are some bugs and a link to Facebook, Feeld can be an excellent free app. To have fun, you don’t need to pay a membership. I know from personal experience that this app delivers many sexy singles and couples right to your doorstep.

It’s accessible to everyone who wants to be a little crazy – which is great! Get it now, swipe, and live out your wildest fantasies. You won’t regret it. I give Feeld 4/5 stars.