Bumble App Review – A Guide to Hooking Up

What’s your weapon for hooking up in 2022?

Ask men and they will probably not say Bumble. Most people would rather say Tinder.

But, Bumble is a hidden giant in the world of hookup apps that most people don’t consider.

Although Tinder is known for being a hookup app and most people associate Bumble with casual dating or relationship-focused dating.

This is a valid assumption, but it’s not the right way to judge Bumble based on that assumption.

It seems that men believe that they won’t be as successful hooking up with Bumble as they would on Tinder, since women are supposed make the first move. But that is wrong!

You see, women have the power to choose their partners and make the first move.

This is why women prefer Bumble to hookup than Tinder. It’s safer, cleaner, and easier for them to control.

Let me tell you everything you need to know about Bumble if you are still unsure about Bumble.

First Impression

It won’t be difficult to learn Bumble if you have used Tinder before. You can download the app and sign up the same way. For a quicker process, you can use your Facebook account or create your profile using your phone number.

After you have uploaded some photos, you can begin swiping. You can also finish building your profile with answer prompts from Bumble.

This is the screen that you should be familiar with. You can get to it by tapping the person icon at top left of Bumble’s home screen.

The next screen will be what you see after you open the app. It contains potential matches and the “swiping” portion.

This area is pretty straightforward. You basically follow the standard dating app process and swipe left for people you don’t like and swipe right for people you like.

You can view all your conversations and matches on the third screen of Bumble.

If you don’t have the upgrade, your queue will display a bunch of pixelated photos of people who swipe right on you.

The search tool allows you to search for words in conversations and filters the order by recent, unread, or near.

Remember that women have only 24 hours to contact a match on Bumble before it expires. The yellow colors will make everything lighter and more fun, which will increase your chances of meeting women.

Bumble’s layout and design are also my favorite over Tinder’s. It feels more casual.

And not to forget that Bumble users are more attractive than Tinder. Both have been my experience, but I prefer Bumble to Tinder.

There must be a reason why all these hotties use Bumble.


Bumble has more features than Tinder. Although there is no “Super Like” (which is completely pointless), they do have useful features that can help you find better matches and go on dates (or more).

First, I think that the editing features on your profile are great. Bumble makes it even better.

For example, the profile prompts are questions that you can answer about yourself so others can see it when they look at your profile.

Talk about your recent acts of kindness, your ideal night out or what you would do if you had an extra hour.

Bumble also offers better options to choose your gender identity and the person you want your profile to appear to.

You can create personality boxes about your life that you can fill out.

The messaging is pretty standard. However, I like that you can see your match queue and see how many people have swiped right to you, even though they can’t see you in the free version.

You can also search your messages to locate the names of coffee shops you have agreed to meet up at with your match.

Bumble’s upgrades are the best.

There are two things you can do with your money.

We’ll start with the Spotlight feature.

You can spotlight your profile by spending a minimum amount of 2 coins on Bumble. This will show you more people in your local area and help you stand out to those you like.

Bumble Boost is the upgraded version of Bumble, which requires a membership purchase.

Bumble Boost gives you the ability see who has swiped right on your match queue. You can also rematch with expired matches. You can add 24 hours to give yourself time to think of something to say, and you have unlimited search filters to help you find the perfect match.


To activate Bumble Spotlight, you must purchase at least 2 coins. Bumble coins cost $1.99 each, but you can get them bulk for a discounted price.

Bumble’s most popular option to buy coins is 30 for $34.99, which you can use 15 times. However, you can also purchase 15 coins at $19.99 or 5 coins at $7.99.

There are many options when it comes to BumbleBoost.

For $9.99, you can try Bumble Boost for a week or get monthly memberships at a discount.

A 3-month membership costs $49.99 and a 1-month membership costs $22.49.

A lifetime membership to BumbleBoost is $139.99 if you are looking for the best value and intend on being single for a while.


Bumble’s women are the first thing you will love. You’ll love them more than Tinder so they’ll make you happy.

You’ll find that you get better matches on Bumble because you can only message women who are truly interested in you. You have to first message them to ensure they aren’t trying to pretend to be interested.

You have a better chance of meeting someone through Bumble if your honest. Many women here “don’t want anything serious”, so be honest about what you are looking for.


It might take some time before you get any matches. It will take a while, but once it does, you’ll be so excited about the possibilities that each match holds.

Bumble’s match expires because you have a 24-hour window in which the woman can first message you and then you can reply. You don’t spend your day on dating apps. If you lose a match, and you don’t have Bumble Boost you could lose that match.

Some men might consider it a con that they cannot message the woman first, if they have a great idea for a first message. Wait for the woman’s message to you.

Conclusions and Rating

Although Bumble is a great dating and hookup app, the limitations on time and inability to get a man to message you first can make it difficult for you to hook up.

Although the quality of matches can be better, it is more important to create a strong profile to attract women’s attention than simply posting good photos on Tinder.

Bumble is not the easiest way to avoid superficialities, but that’s not a bad thing. You won’t look back once you have your first Bumble hookup.