Best lubes for anal sex: know what to use [2020 GUIDE]

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Best lubes for anal sex: know what to use  [2020 GUIDE]

In addition to all the advice, you should follow to prepare for anal sex, there is one important and very important thing you should include: the lubricant. But which one to choose? There is oils, expensive and sensitive skin: the choice seems confusing at first, but there is no time to panic. We support you and we have 10 best lubricants for anal sex read at

Best lubes for anal sex: know what to use  [2020 GUIDE]

Why is the lubricant necessary?

First things first, keep in mind that we are talking about anal sex, and that means one thing. Neither the anus nor the rectum self-lubricates like a vagina. Without enough lubricant even during the first attempt at anal penetration, your rectum may be injured or, in other words, your body will be damaged. No one needs that. Instead, we add lubricant, a lot of lubricants.

All types of lubricants
Three main types of lubricants are considered a perfect combination of anal sex. You can also try them for vaginal sex, although if you use the same toy, you must wash it between penetrations. Choose which one will work for you, based on your body’s needs and preferences.

Silicone-based lubricants
Silicone-based lubricants are incredible for longer recreational interactions. Its structure will allow you to enjoy long sessions of anal sex. Due to the silicone base, it will not disappear once it is in contact with water, it will last much longer. That is, you do not need to add more and more each time.

Silicone lubricants are hypoallergenic. Before obtaining this lubricant, read the ingredients in case you are allergic to any of those components.

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On the other hand, silicone lubricants can ruin your sex toys. That’s not 100% since some other blogs could convince you. That case will depend on the consistency of silicone and the quality of its toys.

It may also take a while to clean everything up later. Remember, it does not disappear only with water. You could also leave stains on the sheets. To get rid of this lubricant from your skin and body, try using the wash towel, some soap, and water.

Lubricants with oil as the main ingredient
Oil-based lubricants are very identical to silicone ones and give the insurance of staying there for longer. It will not be easy to clean it with water or saliva. It is also surprising to use oil lubricants for previous games. Add it for a sensual massage or a straw. You can also choose different aromas to add more atmosphere.

Forget about using latex condoms together with this type of lubricant. The oil will damage the condom and simply break it. The other disadvantage, you may need some time in your pocket to clean.

Water lubricants
Water-based lubricants so far are the least problematic lubricants to use. It will go well with anybody and will not do any harm. Also, they do not stain the sheets and have good chemistry with condoms or sex toys without ruining the power. As you can see, the main ingredient here is water, so there is no problem to clean up this mess in the end.

The only drawback of the water-based lubricants you need to continue adding it often. Water will be absorbed with a body that will cause the lubricant to disappear from the skin. Keep in mind a reminder to add lubricant as often as possible, when necessary.

10 lubricant products to use for anal sex

We found 10 amazing anal sex lubricants that won’t steal your pocket, would be delicate for your body and those that are great for underwater use.

Budget but effective lubricants
Today, the sex industry makes it affordable to get a good lubricant at a decent price. Here are options to enjoy anal sex and spend it at less than $ 10.

Durex Play Perfect Glide lubricating gel
$ 9.99

Durex is one of the few companies that create quality and affordable products in general, including lubricants. The creators of Durex made sure to obtain good consistency that would not ruin the protection. In addition, it is a soft and harmless product. The quality is superior, your money is safe.

Anal lubricant
$ 7.50

This water-based lubricant has parabens and glycerin as the main ingredients. Feel free to use it with contraceptives or toys. Keep in mind that you should have this little bottle on your bedside table because you would need to add it occasionally.

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Coconut oil
Up to $ 10

Coconut oil becomes increasingly popular alternative lubricants for anal sex. Choose the one that is extra virgin and has antifungal ingredients, so it is very safe to use to cook or bake an anal session, it is up to you. It melts once applied to the body like any other oil and it smells amazing.

Hypoallergenic lubricants
Anal sex is sensitive enough by all means. The goal is pleasure, not the opposite experience. Learn below about the best lubricants to use in the body that is sensitive and needs a hypoallergenic alternative.

Premium water resistant silicone personal lubricant
$ 11-15

This baby will introduce you to the most wonderful experiences of anal sex. The formula is made for all types of sensitive skin, which is not so easy to wash in the shower. Use it with whatever you want, your toys are safe, as are condoms.

Silicone lubricant for the rear door
$ 29

Jojoba extract improves everything, once it is an anal lubricant. We agree that the name of this is quite simple and is not something you can put on your bedside table. However, the lubricant is top-notch for the skin and it is easy to get allergic reactions from anything. It will not be necessary to reapply as often: a few drops are enough.

Intimate personal moisturizer
$ 24.90

This bottle looks so elegant and elegant that it seems to be a bougie perfume and far from the label. It works smoothly and has a clean texture. The aloe vera base ultimately sounds safe and safe to use for anal sex.

Water-based lubricants
Water-based lubricants are the most common for any sexual interaction and especially for anal sex. Either way, it is a victory for your body. We have here the 4 best water-based lubricants.

Organics Natural Gel Lubricant
$ 20-25

The organic gel has a vegan formula that includes sunflower seeds and green tea will make the effect worthwhile. Go ahead and use it for what you need. Vaginal sex, play with toys, anal sex. Anything that may be on your mind.

Jimmyjane Water-based organic personal gel lubricant
$ 25

Jimmy and Jane are a strong couple that produces sex toys and lubricants that would go perfectly with that. The same applies if you would use this lubricant for any possible sexual intercourse.

Fat Elbow H2o Regular Thick Gel
$ 30

Incredible slippery lubricant that will last a long time despite being the main base of this product. Due to the thick formula, anal sex will be even more enjoyable and less painful.

Lelo Personal Moisturizer
$ 15

Lelo lubricant is one of the most sophisticated brands at an affordable price. Water-based moisturizers will be perfect for any game you have prepared. Besides, the elegant black tube will not reveal the secrets immediately and would look more like a typical moisturizer.

Frequently asked questions
Is it necessary to use lubricant or saliva will be enough for anal sex?
It is critical to use lubricants during anal sex. Saliva will not work, as it will not be enough.

What types of lubricants exist?
There are 3 main types of lubricants that you can use for anal or vaginal sex. Those are silicone, oil, and water-based lubricants to choose from.

My body is very sensitive. What lubricant should I use?
Silicone and water-based lubricants will work very well for sensitive skin. Although, before buying any of those lubricants, it is better to first review the ingredients.

Is it safe to use petroleum jelly as a lubricant?
Using petroleum jelly instead of a lubricant is not a great idea. When petroleum jelly can be excellent for the skin and lips, it is not suitable for the anus or vagina. It is safer to use a lubricant.