Best Free Sex Hookup Apps to Meet Girl

You are missing one of the most exciting digital experiences available, if you haven’t yet tried one of the dating apps in 2021.

Anyone who has ever felt desperate enough to meet someone has used a hookup app. You’d be amazed at how many people are looking for the same thing in your locality.

Casual relationships are becoming more popular than traditional monogamous, committed relationships. This means that everyone is either single and seeking some or will explore the possibilities with their partner.

If you are single and looking for sex, it is possible to be more successful if your partner doesn’t use hookup applications.

It can be difficult to know which apps are worth your time or which are just a waste of your time with so many available. We’ve compiled the best hookup apps for 2019 so you don’t have to. Tinder


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We couldn’t include the top dog in hookup app, even though they would like to be called something else.

Although Tinder is not considered a casual hookup app, it is the one that got the casual hookup craze started. They are the most popular dating app, and everyone’s favourite way to meet new people and hook up.

Tinder is synonymous with casual sex. Tinder isn’t a good app for serious dating.

Tinder has made it so common to meet every type of Tinder dater and everyone around you. Tinder has changed the face of dating apps and sites. People used to be scared to use them.

What makes Tinder so amazing?

People love Tinder because it is simple and reliable, so they have the advantage of being the first to create the modern dating app.

Tinder users have the same tools for using the app. They’re also super simple to use. Tinder brought you the iconic swipe feature, which is why it became so popular.

You can view multiple profiles quickly by simply swiping through. Although you might prefer to spend more time reviewing each profile, someone looking for a hookup is more focused on their looks.

We don’t judge.

You can swipe right to see if you like someone on Tinder. You can message the person you have matched once you’ve done so. This is another reason Tinder is so popular.

Only Tinder Gold members can add features to their account. You cannot unlock any features. You can easily find a hookup by simply using the free Tinder version, which is available to all users.

You can tell who is interested in hooking up by looking at the bio. Many people will say “no hookups”, even if they don’t like it, because that’s what Tinder is looking for.

If they don’t know anything, it’s fair to try and get a hookup.

If you aren’t sure which hookup app you should try, you can always start with Tinder to get the full experience with locals. You can search for opportunities with people you know or don’t know through the app, which will allow you to meet people you never would have otherwise.

Tinder, thank you. Visit Bumble


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Bumble is one of Tinder’s most popular competitors — it’s a female-oriented app that was created by a woman who helped create Tinder.

There is a twist to Bumble: only female users can send the first message and make the first move — men must wait.

However, the matching algorithm remains the same. If you swipe right on someone, and they swipe right on you, it is a match. If she sends you a message, you can talk to her in your messages.

Women have 24 hours to send their first message to a new Bumble match before it expires. The receiver will have 24 hours to reply or the match will be canceled after she has sent the first message.

Bumble has an additional feature that is unique to it: different modes of use.

You can switch between Bumble Date, Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz profiles on Bumble. The first is for dating. The second is for meeting new people in your area. And the last is for business connections.

You can switch between modes to make new friends or find a job, so if you’re bored with swiping through potential matches you can always switch them! We love a multifunctional app.

Are you able to hook up with women who make the first move?

It increases your chances. If you are honest about what you want, women will respect you and be open to a match if you have the same goals.

It won’t take much to tell if a girl is into you. She will make the first move, and then message you to continue the match. If they are truly interested, they will only do it.

While Bumble has more options to personalize your profile than Tinder’s, messaging and matching are pretty similar. You don’t have to subscribe to Bumble to access the restricted features you need to hook up.

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PURE is for the extreme and sexually adventurous.

Based on anonymous hookups PURE is the discreet app that lets you know who’s out there looking for a hookup.

It works like this: Anyone can send a request for a hookup to anyone without needing to add any personal information. All is revealed once you have sex with someone.

You only need an email address and a photograph. It doesn’t even need to be your face.

This idea may sound strange at first. You might be curious about how anonymous users hook up. However, there are tons of people who use this app to get laid in less than an hour.

Because that’s all there is.

Your profile photo and location are displayed for one hour after you submit a request. You must make contact and arrange to meet up with the person you’ve matched.

Your profile and all messages will be deleted after the hour ends. To get an additional hour, you will need to submit another request if you don’t match with someone.

You can match someone on PURE the same way as you would on another dating app. All you have to do is ‘like’ them. You can view all requests submitted by people near you on PURE.

You can then ‘like’ their profile and tap on the heart icon, or tap on the message bubble icon to send them messages.

The app has no special features, except that you can view a map showing where someone is located and use the messaging feature. If you are a male, you will have to pay for access to the app.

However, women can still use the app without restrictions. If you choose to view women, you might see photos of men in the women section. You can also view profiles of men, but you cannot choose both.

My experience is that PURE works best for people who are very horny and take risks. You won’t see photos of any person’s face more than half the times before you message them. If you want to, you can request one.

However, there are exceptions and some people will upload a selfie to their “request photo”.

You will most likely have to take a chance and message someone to find out more about them.

Talking opens up new opportunities for casual sex. You should definitely visit PURE if you want to experience the extreme side of casual sexual sex. Hily


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Hily is a dating app that offers something new and different.

Although Hily is a lesser-known hookup app, it’s growing in userbase every day — and there’s good reason.

Hily is more of a social network than a dating or hookup site. People use it to find new friends, meet dates and even get sex.

The app shows you nearby users in a “card deck” format. This allows you to connect with local users and make new connections.

You can choose whether you wish to view profiles of men or women, and there are so many details that you can add to your profile.

Hily is unique among other apps because of their story feature.

Everybody loves the’stories” feature of their favorite social media apps. It only makes sense that a dating/hookup application like Hily would also embrace it. Hily users can view and post stories, as well as see the stories of others.

Hily also offers other cool features, such as chat requests that allow you to send a message without waiting for a match. Also, daily ‘Hot Stories’ from Hily’ users are available.

Hily is a new way to hookup. You can also meet people from other areas by signing up. You can search for Hily users all across the country through “Hot Stories” and keep your card deck local.

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Once is another app that you might not have heard about as much as Tinder and Bumble.

Once is a dating app that only allows you to meet one person per day. This app is a great alternative to swiping.

How do you pick your match for the day, One?

It all starts by filling in your profile. You give the matchmaker information about you.

Once will also allow you to answer questions about your preferences and likes.

A matchmaker would make it so that everyone can quickly “find” the right match on dating apps. You can now have this with Once!

How does this help me get laid?

You have their full attention for the whole day. It’s possible to spend time with your match, getting to know them and bringing up the possibility of meeting up.

During that time, however, you will need to be very clear about your goals. It doesn’t have to be that you want to fuck. But you can also say “I’m not looking to anything serious.” Most people get what this means.

Your match cannot see or talk to anyone else for the day so they must consider your offer.

You won’t be required to scroll through an endless number of locals. Every day you get personalized matches. It all depends on how much information you provide and how many questions they answer.

This sounds interesting to you? Give Once a chance. It won’t be hard to love it.