Best Fling review – is Fling legit hookup site? is a popular site with millions of users and more than 11 years of activity. promises to match you with the perfect cutie (or couple of cuties) for your wildest dreams. allows you to bring your dream threesome to life, have a one-night stand, or establish a lasting sexual relationship with the person(s) you choose. Is really worth the hype, or are you just falling for online dating scams?

First Look is more trustworthy than other sites like Local Hookups and when you first sign up. First, the background pictures on the registration page are real-looking. You can also sign-up as a couple. Couples add immediate credibility. This is because couples are less likely fall for sex scams since they aren’t desperate, and they already get sex on a regular basis. Couples have two accounts, so they are twice as likely to spot a scam. isn’t trying to scam you. This is evident in the first thing you see when you register: a commitment of authenticity. They also promise not to create fake accounts, and they have a 24/7 support staff to assist you with any issues.

The bright first impression is quickly ruined by an advertisement to pay for the Gold Membership. This happens as soon as you click on simple perks like messaging or using a chatroom. You will need a membership to access these perks. You can choose one of the five price points.

  • For $0.95, a Gold Two-Day Trial
  • $19.95 for a Gold Seven-Day Tria
  • For $34.95 a month, you get Gold
  • $69.90 for six months Gold (that’s $11.65 a month)
  • $80.04 per year for Gold (that’s $6.67 a month).

This pay scale encourages users to choose a longer membership. To make potential gold members more secure, offers a guarantee: If you don’t hook up with anyone within three months, you get three additional months for free. Although a refund would be preferable, the three months of free access seems to indicate that truly believes they can help you get one.

The worst thing about the Gold Membership popup is that it doesn’t have an exit button. This leads to less tech-savvy users believing they are trapped on this screen and must immediately pay. You can click “Fling” to be safely redirected to the previous screen.

The Dating Pool

Get ready for nudity right away. This is not the page you want to browse on while your boss or barista are behind you. These members are not bots, but don’t misunderstand them. Although they may have different interests and ages, they all share the same goal: to get sex. It’s a relief to find a website that isn’t overrun with models or bots trying to scam you, and has photos of varying quality.

Most people who visit this site are looking for threesomes. You can search for men, women or trans* users. People can also identify as gay, bisexual or straight. These members are slim, BBW/BBM and all other ages, and come from a wide range of ethnicities and races. The best part is that is fairly balanced in terms of gender with lots of couples in between.

Unique Perks

There are a few perks on this site, such as their ” Who’s Cute Game“, which is basically Tinder with points. After you swipe through 200 users you are featured for a day on the search page. You’re featured for one week if you have 400. You can get highlighted and featured for a week if you have 800. Users are encouraged to take part and meet local cuties with incentives like these.

You can also market your premium content such as your most sexual acts and steamy photos. If that is not enough or you don’t want to sell your premium content, offers chat rooms as well as webcams. Both can be accessed with a Gold membership and can be enjoyed.

Clicking on the tab for Hot Now will bring up a list of hot photos that have been uploaded by other users. You can also leave them some kind comments and sexy remarks. You can filter by status if you are looking for someone with one of these parameters.

  • Online flirting
  • Meet in person
  • Serious relationship
  • Sugar baby/daddy

These options will help you to filter out people who aren’t right for you, helping you settle down and find the one who will fulfill all your dreams.

The Catch, like many other kinkier hookup and dating sites, is not free despite its advertising claims. If you don’t upgrade to a premium membership, you can only swipe five people per day and can’t communicate with them. Some users set their screenname as the first part of their email address and include their tagline “at Yahoo dot com” so that interested users can email them instead. This is the only way to establish a connection with someone without purchasing a Gold Membership.


They’re willing to pay if you are. This is the place to go if you want to meet threesomes and test your sexual boundaries. Fling gets 3.5/5 stars from me.