Best Asian Dating Sites and Apps in 2022

There are many dating websites that can help you find a partner in your Asian heritage. These sites are geared towards the Asian community. Access to these premium websites allows you to broaden your search and connect with many Asians in your area.

There are many Asian-friendly dating sites out there. However, it can be difficult to know which ones are best. Here’s a list of the top Asian dating websites by These are the best sites to start with if you want to get involved in the Asian dating scene.


This site is ranked high because of its quality members and simple-to-use interface. This site is easy to use. You can also find both paid and unpaid dating options on this site, which has a large user base. It is a great option regardless of how much money a person has. Paid plans are available for as low as $10 per month if users decide they love the site enough to purchase premium services.

The site also offers some unique features that are not available on other dating sites. All plans include access to email and instant messaging. Some plans also offer access to video profiles which make it easier to build deep relationships with others.

It has a large community, so it is easy for users to get overwhelmed with messages. This makes it difficult to respond to everyone. Some people might consider this a good problem.

2. Asian Matching is the best choice for those looking for Asian dating sites. This site almost exclusively has Asian members. The site’s goal is not only to help Asians find love but also to help people who are seeking something less serious than romance. It costs just $13.33 per month.

Asian Matching is able to reach a larger audience of Asians than other Asian websites. This is its greatest advantage. Asian Matching welcomes both men and women, as well as couples who are looking to add another member to their household. Although this might seem a bit more raunchy than people think, there is a market for it and Asian Matching addresses this market.

However, does not address those who are seeking romance. There are many members, so you’re sure to find someone who shares your interests.


The best part about is that it offers a true dating experience. This is not a site that offers a one-night stand or mail-order bride service. This site is for those who are looking for an honest relationship with someone they like. There are many membership options available, ranging from $9.74 to $11.99 per month. It allows users to create profiles for free, just like other dating websites on this list.

One of the biggest draws to this is that it has over 4 million active users around the world. After all, is the largest Asian dating website on the internet but that doesn’t mean that over millions of members are Asian. It is a great option for those who live in Asia or the United States.

Another advantage of this site is its ability to filter members using many perimeters. It is possible to search for members by using a simple local search. This allows users to narrow down the results to those who share similar interests. You can also chat with other members on the site using the Who’s Online feature.

4. Korean Cupid

Korean Cupid, as the name implies, is looking for a specific demographic: Koreans. These include Koreans who want to meet Korean women and men, as well as those who just want to date Korean men and/or women. The site allows users to create a profile and view other members for free. They can also become full members if they like the site by paying $10 per month.

There are many great features on this site. But the best feature is the live video chats. This is a great way to find out if two people are compatible. It also allows for more intimate online dates than simply sending messages back and forth. It is limited to Korean women and men. This is the biggest problem with the site. This site won’t help anyone who is interested in Japanese or Chinese people.

The majority of Korean Cupid members are between 25 and 44 years old. This is a large age range and can make it difficult for people who are looking to date someone older than 44.

5. Japan Cupid

Cupid websites have been on this list many times. They know the winning formula and apply it to every site. These sites have a lot in common, but the biggest difference is who they target. Japan Cupid focuses on individuals who are open to meeting Japanese women and men. It’s like many other dating sites. However, users must pay $10 per month to create a profile.

This site has many active users, which is a great thing. There are not many abandoned or dead profiles. People update their profiles frequently and are open to meeting new people. Although the site is primarily for Japanese singles it also attracts non-Japanese individuals looking for Japanese partners. This is great as it means Japanese Cupid can provide support for this niche.

Although this dating site offers the same features as other Cupid sites it is notable for its success rate. Japan Cupid has one of the highest success rates on this list. Perhaps it’s the site’s members, or the support they provide. It’s something worth noting in any case.

6. Vietnam Cupid

Vietnam Cupid is another fantastic site. It, like Korean Cupid addresses a particular market: Vietnamese singles. It can sometimes be difficult to find Vietnamese singles to date. This site brings together all the Vietnamese singles from one area to make it easier to find them. It works well in this regard. The site is free to join, but members must pay $10 per month to start chatting with others.

It is well-designed and easy to use. Vietnam Cupid recommends upgrading to a Gold membership as the basic membership only allows for a small number of winks. Winks are the best way to show your interest in each other. While upgrading is not necessary for all users, it will give them the impression that they are getting more bang for their buck. PayPal and major credit cards are accepted on the website, making it easy to send payments.

It’s important to look at a variety of options when looking for an Asian partner. Asians are known for their diverse personalities. It doesn’t mean that you have to give up if you don’t find the perfect partner on one site. To increase your chances of finding the right Asian partner, you should check out several of the websites mentioned above.