Ashley Madison review – is it legit Affair Dating Site?

You have a short life. Enjoy an affair. Ashley Madison’s bold slogan invites all those with wandering eyes to give it a try. Ashley Madison promises to fulfill your most salacious fantasies. Is it possible for that strong following to translate into actual affairs?

First Look

Signing up for the first time, you can only choose one gender to attract to. This is frustrating for bisexual or pansexual honeys who want to find love outside of marriage. Your selection isn’t permanent and you can change what you want with a click. Straight people can choose whether they are “attached” to a partner or “single,” while same-gender lovin’ allows you to select either “male for male”, or “female fomale”.

After you have chosen the person you want, you can then add your interests, preferences, body type, height, and other details. To clearly define your boundaries, you can also choose from a range of parameters.

  • Something short-term
  • Something long-term
  • Cyber affair / Erotic Chat
  • Whatever excites me
  • Anything goes
  • Undecided

These boundaries will help you determine if the person you are connecting with is open to sending you steamy texts or if they’re looking for a room in a hotel with the man of your dreams.

The Dating Pool

Bicurious was the word of choice for the female for female options. Many of the women there were eager to have an extramarital affair in order to try something different in the bedroom. There was not much work done on their profiles and almost no one seemed to be interested in a relationship. They only had one sentence about how they wanted to be able to enjoy a woman and left the section on interests and other turn-ons empty. A few unicorn hunters were also found on the site, which was a married couple looking for another person to play with. They used the female-for–female search parameters.

The straight line-ups were more personal and detailed. Straight people at Ashley Madison seem to be genuinely interested in intimacy. It’s not unusual for them to fill out paragraphs for each heading. Ashley Madison’s straight population seems to be interested in a long-term relationship with someone who can fulfill both their emotional and physical needs.

Unique perks

Ashley Madison was founded in 2002 and has spent nearly twenty years developing and curating unique features that will help you find your perfect match.

TravelingWoman, a special feature of their website that matches women with men when they are out of town, is unique. To instantly match with men available in the area, female users can enter a location and select the dates. They can then message the user and send them a notification to let them know they’re available. It’s currently only available for hetero arrangements, probably because Ashley Madison is a site where men are looking for women.

If you are looking for cheating without having to leave town, there are two options: send requests to view private photos free of charge, or send winks. A wink can be defined as a pre-defined message that signifies one of the following:

  • They are invited to view your profile and send you messages if they are interested.
  • You are implying that you have received their wink, and are not interested in them.
  • You are stating that you have looked at their profile and aren’t certain if they are a good match for your needs.
  • You are requesting a new photo or access to private photos.

The catch

Unfortunately, Ashley Madison is not as easy to find. While winking and asking for photos are free to all users, messaging costs if you reach out to a male. You will need to pay 13 credits if you want to reach out to a woman, regardless of gender. Prices vary depending on how many credits you purchase at once.

per credit)
This Basic Level allows you to unlock the messaging feature. You can use these credits to start a few conversations with women.

per credit)
Users save 42% with this higher price point. The Classic Level not only offers messaging, but also prioritize messages that will get you to the top in a cutie’s email inbox. You can start 60-two conversations at once with this price.

per credit)
You are in your own bracket when you reach the Elite Level. For thirty days, you can start 125 conversations and highlight the profile of your choice for free. Desktop users also get twenty-four hours of free chat – so make sure you send most of your messages there.

This makes you wonder if users who are looking for women make connections often – and if it is worth the risk. Ashley Madison was hacked in 2015 and leaked the credit card information, names, and email addresses of 32 million users.


There are many people looking to connect on this site, but the recent security breach and money restrictions to messaging make it difficult for you to believe that your dream of a sultry affair can become a reality. Try your luck elsewhere! Ashley Madison receives a rating of 3/5 stars.