A Men’s Guide To Scoring on Hookup Websites and Sex Apps

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The dating scene today is very different from it was 20 years ago.

You can now find your perfect match, casual dating partner or even a one night-hookup at the touch of an icon.

We’re not talking about guys who are only looking for a hookup. Hooking up is as simple as downloading an app and logging in to a website. Don’t let this fool you. But don’t be fooled.

This is a huge mistake when trying to find a girl. Just like in-person-encounters, there are so many opportunities for something to go wrong online.

These are some ways to avoid falling for the trap of hooking up on an app or website. These tips will help you get a hookup quickly and successfully.

Pictures to post and pictures not to post

Your profile picture is what makes the first impression on a dating website or hookup app. You can’t make the same first impression twice, as the old saying goes.

It is important to post pictures for women to view when you are looking to hook up. Women will immediately see your photos and judge you as a no, yes or maybe.

It doesn’t mean you have to be perfect. It is more about the content as well as the location.

Lucy, for example, clicks on Tom’s profile on hookup website. After browsing Tom’s pictures for ten seconds, she had already labelled Tom not suitable for hookup.


Tom has five selfies of himself smiling in the exact same spot in the dimly lit room.

Tom could be a friendly, successful, and well-liked man who enjoys cycling and traveling. Lucy only sees a creepy man who won’t leave his living space.

Regardless, show your best face.

Upload photos of yourself doing what you love. One selfie is okay. As I said, it is your first impression. Your profile should tell women as much as you can about yourself, while also attracting her attention – just by your photos.

Although I wish I didn’t have to, it is important because some of you may be so dumb as not to post photos of your penis. Don’t do it.

How do you first reach out?

Your first contact with someone you are interested is crucial in the hookup world.

The first contact can make a woman either completely open to pursuing you or deem you a perverse creep.

In certain cases, she may even choose to block your entry.

You think that is harsh? It’s not, if you consider how easily cyber communications can be misinterpreted.

However, you should not be a pervert.

A paragraph-long introduction about your feelings for her/what you would like to do to her will not get her a response. You won’t get a response from any quality woman.

I get that you’re only here to meet women. You won’t succeed in this endeavor if your words are disgusting and desperate.

You may be wondering if these women are here to get laid.

It’s complicated. Although a woman may only want to get sex, she won’t be able to have it with a pervert. Your approach to her speaks volumes about your character and how you play the game.

While you can compliment them, don’t say anything too direct or suggestive. She’ll probably think to herself, “Down to fuck?”

It’s not enough to be smooth. Women want to be able to hook up easily. You are a pervert and desperate if you call her “fuckable” or say explicit things to her.

Remember that this is the first thing you say about a woman. You can start flirting, vying and talking with women if you start to get into a conversation. It’s not difficult to get to this point.

Remember, these women aren’t trashy.

A profile photo of a woman on a dating website or app that isn’t sexy will be enough to convince her. These are the women you want to meet, so don’t worry about getting an STD.

What should you say about your profile?

Talk about the things you love in a woman. This is a sign that you are clear about what you want and a reflection of your character. It is a sign that you are not able to list the physical qualities you desire in a woman.

You want to attract the best, most beautiful women.

You can do this by being honest, but also telling them what you want to hear. Also, you need to be very broad.

Saying you like a woman who is confident, intelligent, and loves to do new things, for example, is a sign that you have hit the jackpot.

Many women will see it and say “OMG, that’s perfect for me!” and then send you a message.

Although you didn’t really say much, it was clear that you were able to make it easy for women relate to your qualities. Because you are a strong, independent man who isn’t afraid to be himself (even if you do), you appeal to women.

Include a bit about yourself and your interests. It should be concise and direct. Don’t bristle. Include:

What you do for your living.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Two words that describe you. Ex: “I’m an athletic and adventurous 26-year-old …”).”

These tips will help you get closer to securing a deal online.

It’s a different story what you do when you meet her face-to-face.